Sound The Last Surrender

Sound and vibrational healing touches us in ways we cannot yet understand; for example hearing the mesmerising sound of a Crystal bowl, gong, or sound tuning forks awaken in us a call to our source creative potential.
What is sound?
We can perceive sound through our skin, bones and even marrow.  Sometimes our whole body reverberates to sound.  Everything in the universe is vibrating to sound at some level. Cymatics is the study of patterns and shapes through sound waves.
Many scientists including Mitchell Gaynor  M. D.  (Dir. of Medical Oncology and author of Sounds in Healing) uses Crystal and Tibetan bowls in his practice with cancer patients.
What is music in Therapy?
Music is organised sound and nearly all cultures use the power of music therapeutically at some level.  Hearing classically pitched singing Crystal bowls are known to reduce stress, pain, panic attacks, anxiety, giving deep relaxation, inspire learning and open up to self awareness.
Sound healing entrains a diseased body part which is out of harmony with the whole body to become naturally resonant and in harmonious flow with the rest of the body.
Ancient sound Temples such as Denderah in Egypt where I have taught many times used sound therapy not only for healing but to summon the Gods and Goddesses in their ancient Egyptian Magical Practices bringing Justice, Peace and Order to their society.
An interesting note with sound is that it becomes colour the higher the vibration becomes.  For example a keyboard 35 or so octaves below audible sound holds Chi;  Life Force Energy (and we can’t hear a thing)
Colour is visible sound, sound is auditory colour, both light and sound affect our Chakras.
Each Chakra is associated with a musical tone (Chakras are measurable patterns of electromagnetic energy to transmit and assimilate life force energy.)
When we experience healing with Crystal Bowls they emit a very pure resonance particularly if they are heated at 4,000 degrees in a centrifugal mould tested with digital technology to identify the sound and tone to correspond to the Chakras.
The notes are C D E F G A  B  corresponding to the Base Chakra upward, along with the Hearts intelligence, this intention sets up a most powerful charge.
Those of us, who are custodians of high quality Crystal bowls have a special responsibility to make sure the bowls and tuning forks have “Happy Hearts”
It is said that some high quality Tibetan singing bowls are forged with a prayer in every hammer blow infusing them with a mission prayers of high intention.
Imagine receiving a healing with sound, music, colour, clear high grade quartz crystal (some made from Platinum, Diamond, and other rare earth minerals) and coming with intention for the higher good for the individual or group receiving the healing can bring miracles in healing.
I’ll leave you with this quote from Renee Brodie in her book the Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls:
“No musical vibrations are ever lost, even though they are dispersed, they will go on vibrating through the cosmos for eternity because the subtle effect of sound lingers after the audible sound have died out, so that any results are long lasting.”
Sound is the last Surrender, we come in on it and go out on it;  its time now for YOU to receive the magic of Sound.
When our intention corresponds to our higher truth, miracles happen.
All Love

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