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SURRENDER is a space you must come to before Transcendence can be Activated To SURRENDER DAILY.  It is important to live in a space of great acceptance of yourself, living closely to nature and attend to the requirements of being human.

Ascending Lovingly is a requirement of being human, as it brings Peace and Love.  This is Transcendence.  However it must NOT come through escapism, fantasy and projecting your ‘Consciousness’ into out ‘There Realms’; which undermine the whole human in your totality.

This is a time of Allowing ‘ALL’ there is to surround you.  Our Mind Based rational/scientific view of life cannot any longer rule over The Forces which require you to Surrender to make yourself whole.

You are not whole, unless you Surrender; Accept Yourself and Take RESPONSIBILITY for the requirements of being human in your world right now.   Knowing that you can Spiritually Ascend and are ready will create the conditions for your Truth to unfold.

Never has there been a more important time than NOW to take this RESPONSIBILITY in the Age of Transformation.  It is right NOW you must attend to living closely to Nature and Accepting Yourself.  This is Listening to the Wisdom of The Heart.

The Heart is truly the organ of Peace.  However its rule cannot activate, as most people consider it a machine, thereby depriving it of its opportunity to help you receive its extraordinary powers to Surrender and help you continually.

In 1952, 68 Years ago an experienced cardiologist wrote:

The Kingdom of The Heart, including its channels of distribution in the blood vessels covers the FULL extent of any living being, both in time and space.  The Heart is engaged in the Mysterious work of holding the whole organism in balance.

This Wisdom of The heart has come to us by heredity as a quality in our species.  The Heart possess an ability to repaid damage affecting itself without for one moment interrupting the flow of energy it provides.

A strong Heart, very little damage has often been known to fail in a few hours under the influence of acute anxiety.  Our Emotional Storms can demolish completely the marvellous structure of Homoeostatic defences, which with the Wisdom of The Heart has come down to us from the depts of time…

SURRENDERING requires complete awareness to be Allowing Transcendence to Activate in your Wise and Loving Peace filled HEART.

Peace in your Surrendering.

Heart I Love you,





 THE OPENING OF THE WAY _ Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

Dr Godel  – L Experience liberatrice – 1952)