As we open up the curtain of the new day, observing The Forces Activate birthing the Heart of our Sun to renew; FOCUS for a moment on what you must SURRENDER to RECEIVE, the life giving benefit of what the new day brings.

Birth can only take place when SURRENDER becomes Activated. It’s just not possible to birth a creation, project, relationship unless you find within yourself the FREEDOM to SURRENDER to yourself as an Immortal Being having an experience in a human form.

SURRENDER confers a special Gift. It is the Gift of GRACE bestowed upon you as you leave something you cannot control anymore; to TRUST yourself to NOT THINK SURRENDER, but FEEL it; really FEEL it, brings you a Gift you cannot possible imagine.

It is the Gift of saying:

“Whatever may happen, I can do no more, it is just not possible for me to spend any more energy on this issue”.

As soldiers surrendered knowing that their war could not be won, by waving the White Flag, so we all must wave our White Flags of Surrender and allow The Forces co-creating with us, birthing a new identity and taking ownership of a situation.

To TRUST yourself is the biggest Leap of Faith you can take to Surrender.

“I Trust myself, that whatever happens I cannot do any more, right now.”

SURRENDER is a learnt thing and must be taught. It is an art and a sacred co-creation with The Immortal Ones; The Shining Ones to guide you.

How do I teach Surrender when I live in a world which insists on control?

As it’s a learnt behaviour; Surrender – The mind must be trained. Imagine creating a dialogue with your mind; it can begin like this:

“Today mind, I have to learn something which will help me throughout my journey here on Earth. It is how to be taught SURRENDER in the school room of life.”

As you SURRENDER your need to control outcomes throughout your day; you are beginning to be taught the lesson of Surrender.

Opening the curtain of your world now as you summon The Forces through The Law of Surrender to assist you in your True Hearts Remembering.

As we witness the pandemic force daily; just practising Simple Surrender, brings you FREEDOM to go within, developing a sense of Trust, for yourself to RECEIVE LOVE and say: “Yes I am Free, I’ve Surrendered”.

You need to feel and find the freedom to surrender to your immortality now. Just surrender; just create a space of abandonment to your true immortal self. I am now creating my immortality by simply surrendering. Teach me to surrender now so I learn to surrender. I learn to surrender by just trusting that I can create the conditions to create surrender. I learn to observe myself as I surrender. I learn to create a space in my life for surrender.

Draw a circle; now place yourself in the circle. This is my surrender space; I will practice creating my surrender space and pretending to fall into this space. Know your surrender space is a place you can go to be immortal. This is my surrender space; my immortal space is created through surrender. I am surrendering to my space of truth to create my immortality. I am creating immortality by surrendering.

Free Fall, as you have your White Flag of inner liberation and say:

“I’ve learnt this lesson, birth my new day. Heart, let’s Surrender together”.

Heart, I love you All,


REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart LINK:


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