Teach Service, by giving to ‘Yourself’ First

“I’m not here to create disciples…I’m here to create teachers.”
Yoga Bhajan – Kundalini Yoga.

One of the most rewarding things about being a teacher is to create “teachers” because it validates you and your “SELF” promotion.

This is not merely to prove to the world that “your” teachers are the best but that the source energy from where you brought the information through is honoured and earthed.
On social media a few days ago one of my Reiki students paid tribute to her music teacher, Peter Egan whose death anniversary was that day, as well as Whitney Houston, whose anniversary was the same day…It was a beautiful honouring of their unique role in her life as a professional singer. I felt very touched by her tribute… This singer already teaches others her unique skills in vocals.

As a metaphysical teacher, in my business, I find my desire to teach comes from a desire to Serve. As a trained secondary teacher, the core of my work in teaching kids was my desire to Serve. (Yr 12 literature to yr 8 sport..)

In my book, The Immortal Woman, (Refer to Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart) these amazing Beings say……“there is no past whatsoever…all you have is this second, and that second, is all ‘YOU’ have….”

Tell yourself when you are teaching (this including parenting and every other instructional role you have) you only have this second with this “person”… It gives a sense of real power and drama to your interaction. I have seen students come on tours over the years by my sharing my love of the countries and cultures, in one sentence, its astonishing….

Teaching is Service…. Service to ourselves to bring humility, clarity and create new pathways in learning not only for ourselves but in those we interact with.

The New York bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein, whom Oprah and others have described as “the next generation thought leader” states that all “Self Promotion” has at it core the dessire to ‘Serve and elevate your consciousness’.

If you are in your own business, you cannot invest unless you Serve ‘YOURSELF’….so true…. You can be your own ‘great teacher’.

You can be the great guru, mystic etc. Teach yourself to “self love”.


Receiving love is a Service, a Service to your Heart. This Service elevates your consciousness and bring more ‘Self Love’ to YOU.

“Heart, I Love You”

REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart

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  1. David

    Hi Carmel,

    I totally agree.

    There is only ever this moment, now, nothing else exists.

    Make the best of it in service to yourself for your higher consciousness and the rest flows – it has to.

    In your “impression” in that moment it creates experiences for yourself in full alignment with your heartfelt feelings.

    I am reminded of:
    “Nobody get to live backward.
    Look ahead, that is where your future lies”
    Esther Lederer
    BUT, you still have to fully express in the present moment

    Love and light

  2. Anonymous

    My Darling Carmel,
    We have been on amazing spiritual journey over the many years we have known each other. You have been my spiritual guru, I have attended numerous of your courses ,you have taught me on many levels, Reiki Master, being the highlight. I started as a novice with you and you have shared and taught me to embrace spirit .
    The Spiritual Tour Of Egypt in 2011 was incredible, enlightening and awesome, on all levels mind, body and soul, as well as a lot of fun and laughter, so many wonderful memories and photos.
    Carmel, whenever I need solace and guidance I have come to you for healing and I always feel uplifted afterwards. You have always been generous with your time, your loving kindness ,appreciation , spiritual knowledge , understanding , and compassion. I acknowledge and support you in every way , your spiritual guidance in person and through your books provides comfort and inspiration.
    I thank you for being a guiding light for myself and on behalf of all those other students whom have crossed your path. You are a true earth angel Carmel.
    Thank you for all you give .
    love always
    Diana Carrodus

  3. Raewyn

    Hi Carmel.
    I agree with you.I believe the more we give the more we receive. We were created to be givers!
    Sending you love and blessing.

  4. Sandy

    Hi Carmel
    I love your Blog it speaks so much truth and I have learned through life experience that you have to love and be happy within yourself to be able to give that love, healing and knowledge to someone else.
    Love and Blessings to you

  5. Darren

    I’ve known Carmel @ Atlantis Rising since from about beginning 1996-1998 to today.
    Before that time I considered my a Christian and I Valued Jesus greatly. I was sincerely seeking how Jesus healed others and that is when I stumbled across Reiki. It was about the time I meet Leasa, my daughter’s mother, I discovered many things in Reiki and about that time I meet Carmel @ Atlantis Rising. Over the time I spent with Carmel & Atlantis Rising (And all those working at Atlantis Rising), I discovered many, many things to do with Reiki ‘ki’ (or ‘Chi’ if you prefer). I was also exploring the New Age, Sri Sathya Sai Baba & Amma over this period of time. Sometime later I discovered Falun Dafa.
    My Search for more meaning in life, “really” started @ about the age of 22 (I’m 48 now)
    where I came close to dying by a Car impact. I experience a near death experience which equated to an “out of body experience”.
    After which my life changed somewhat. I knew there was more to life than the usual.
    Many years have passed by on my journey. I have a daughter and she is now about 16-17yrs.
    Carmel @ Atlantis Rising (and all those working at Atlantis Rising) was an important part of my journey and I would not be who I am today without those experiences.
    How do I stand with things at the moment?
    From my perspective I would say I am no less than an ordinary everyday person and at best I would be a Falun Dafa Practitioner.
    (Note: ordinary every day person is not a derogatory term or label)

    In Kindness

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