The Final Secret

Can you imagine what your heart experiences when you are not living through your Immortal Intelligent Heart?  

This transmission was channelled by the Light Beings who are in my  book “The Final Secret”.   A sneak preview of the essential power of your heart to bring you all you need for a life of permanent Peace, Joy and Light.

Imagine now you are diving deep in an underground cave.

It is dark and murky, and you cannot see anything.

Your eyes are blinded in this black viscous space, trying to hear.

You realise there is no sound to alert you to the comforting sound of your familiar world.

Your hands reach for something to touch, but it’s not possible.

Your hands just seem to evaporate, and you find tactile senses are not available to you.

Smelling is gone …… to be able to sense with your olfactory glands is also no longer possible, as you recreate in vain your favourite smells.

Your familiar tastes are vanishing as you imagine, the first delicious taste of your favourite food and drink.

Imagine this life, this terror!

Recreate it for ten seconds now, and  know this is what your heart experiences every day, when you don’t say …..“Heart I love you.”

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