The Gratitude Gap

We live in a fast-paced reality. Right now, STOP and thank yourself for YOU.!
An entirely new view of your personal landscape opens up to you when you do this… In viewing yourself through the lens of yourself, YOU.
You become aware of just how magnificent YOU really are.
I love Louise Hay’s “take” on this. SHE mirrors herself to her Self… and ….loves…… HER personal landscape. Arriving on stage, PULLING a mirror our of her bra, in front of an audience of thousands, exclaims to the Mirror…. “I am so gorgeous…!”
Oh yeah………, Louise can get away with it, she has one of the biggest publishing companies in the world, …..its a good pitch.
Well, I’ll buy it….
For a woman to begin her empire at 62 and now be still hurtling her infinity spaceship to even greater heights is an excellent reason to begin your very own “I am gorgeous” campaign.

Begin with your Gratitude page….I am grateful to ME.. (not the things I am grateful for) try this for a whole day… Just be grateful to YOU.

Begin saying “HEART”, “I LOVE YOU…”

Ha……I know how absolutely “tooth pulling” this exclamation can be, I consult with people every day, and just getting them to try is a big shove, sure they can say “I love you”, but get them to say the first word…”HEART”, “I LOVE YOU”. 90% of them miss the “HEART” bit….
Make an agreement with your own heart, that when anything goes wrong, (even if it doesn’t) you are saying …..”Heart”, “I LOVE YOU”!!!!!

The greatest resource we have is pumping right inside us, this mighty hormonal love station……. ‘YOUR HEART’.
(Read my book “Awakening The Intelligent Heart,” if you don’t believe me, we have done the research)

Look at what David Icke the charismatic renegade author and journalist created on 30th October at Wembley Stadium in London. He had 12,000 people enthralled for ….. YES …..10 Hours…..on his impassioned plea, to listen to the “heart’s intelligence…” Here is the link:

Say it every chance you can get, “I am grateful for my eyes,(the corneas and other bits) to see this amazing day,”
Imagine not being able to see sunshine.

Instead of just being grateful for the loved ones in your life say instead to yourself..
“I am grateful for my body in being able to bear these children etc, its endurance to hold a relationship”. etc.
What “Self:” gratitude gives you is the gift of “Self Appreciation.”
Your heart opens, flooding it with juicy hormones. Your Mt DNA becomes activated, bringing you unlimited energy and joy.

You can now tick the ‘Gratitude Gap Box’…
Soak up the ‘Full MOON’, friends, and be grateful to ‘you’ for actually enjoying the moon bathe.
“Heart”, “I LOVE YOU”,

Reference: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart

Atlantean Manifestation Secrets

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