The High Priest – Part 1

Here is your opportunity to preview the High Priest. 7 years to write, now for you Men! Its your turn! “EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH THROUGH THE HIGH PRIEST” all love Carmel.

Are you worthy to become a modern spiritual warrior?
Do you want to be a truth seeker?
Are you ready to release your attachments?

The High Priest is a figure of power and strength when he combines this act of loving for himself. There is an acknowledgement of the masculine process and what is involved in this process to begin to create.
It is very important to really find what your definition of the masculine is and create with this. You must really allow your true creative worth to be realised in the masculine process. All creative processes involve the masculine. The creative is active and masculine. The masculine is a creative act. Really create with the masculine in the creative act. The masculine enacts, it creates, it makes whole. The masculine really is the fire of ascension. The fire of ascension is the creative act of the masculine.

All men need a strong and grounding relationship with what it is to create the masculine, for when they do they have a blueprint for what they must create in their life and world. Man must recognize why they have incarnated as men. This is to enact and create with the masculine.

How does a man do this? He does this by observing and noting all emotions that are negative around the masculine creative principle. Naturally, it is not easy in a culture, which abuses the masculine as much as the feminine to even know why this energy is taking place. Men don’t realize that the culture they are part of, the patriarchal model, abuses the very thing a man needs to create his masculine. Men must observe very carefully in our culture just where they are allowing their creative masculine spirit, their fire to be absorbed into a vast vacuum of energy, which is not empowering them in their creative masculine.

It’s just so simple. Men must breathe in their creative masculine every day and use breath of fire, to fire up their bellies. Fire energy keeps a man creating in the masculine and in truth for his masculine. Deep belly breathing, firing up the belly is essential for man to enact his creative masculine spirit. He must become the fire god. This exercise will help.

Exercise: Breathe deeply into your belly inhaling through your nostrils and feeling the belly rise and fall. Establish this deep breathing technique now. Feel the belly rise and fall like a balloon being inflated and then let down.

The deep belly breathing technique is ideally performed outside in the morning sunlight. The sun is life giving, creative and fires up the masculine powers. In deep belly breathing, you are breathing in the creative powers of the sun, inhaling this life giving energy into the belly then visualizing the belly as a golden fireball, as you push the fears and toxicity out.

Visualize the sun coming into the nostrils inhaling deeply, powerfully and rhythmically. The energy is opening up the belly now and the belly is now releasing stored toxicity and past patterns. This is now being returned to the sun as a gift or exchange to be transmuted into life giving prana. This cycle can be repeated eight times. Full benefit would be derived for ten minutes, observing the breath and especially the emotion that surface. Intoning a mantra further re-codes the DNA to accept new frequencies for the masculine principle to be enacted.


“I now accept my full masculine power”

“I now create with my full masculine power”

“I am now a creative masculine being.”

The vibration of Belly Breathing will be felt in the spinal column and will be needed to strengthen the spine and bring in more life force to the spinal fluid. Strengthening the spine will also activate and strengthen the spinal vertebrae. A powerfully aligned spinal column creates vigor and life force for the masculine. To strengthen and align the spinal column, you will need to make a commitment to activating your masculine fire spirit through a series of visualization exercises to strengthen your commitment to your masculine power and creativity.




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