The High Priest – Part lll

The High Priest must carry truth to create new meaning for his life and for humanity to do this there is a need to allow the frequency of truth to be around him through the energy of love.  Love is the energy that carries truth and love is the energy, which creates truth,

Love is the most important ingredient for the truth to be realized.  To create in love the High Priest must carry the vibration of love, for all love is the barometer, which will determine how the Priest will evolve.

It is very important now to just create this loving vibration by monitoring all reactions, which interfere with the energy of love.  All energies, which interfere with this loving vibration, will disrupt the High Priests journey to his ‘self’ for the ‘self’ of any man cannot be made truthful without love.  Love will bring the reward of trust in the High Priests truth.

To begin to find the love is to be in the presence of your own heart and to see it as an organism, which needs care.

Say to yourself: “I love my heart.”…more info