The Intelligent Heart – Part ll

More information from my new book co-authored with research scientist Lisa Malcolm
Awakening your Intelligent Heart and activating your heart’s endocrine function.

The pituitary gland, located in the head and associated with the third eye was long considered by medical science to be the master gland of the endocrine system. The heart’s crucial endocrine function was completely overlooked and the heart’s role in the endocrine system was unknown, even to cardiologists, until the discovery of cardiac hormones made it necessary to ‘completely revise the concept of heart function’. This discovery, published in the American Journal of Heart Circulatory Physiology (2006) expended the field of cardiology and the heart was finally recognised by medical science to be an imminent part of the ‘integrated systems of the body including nervous, endocrine and immune systems’.

In fact, the heart’s endocrine function is master of the whole endocrine function!

This is the simple most important thing to embrace.
The heart being an endocrine gland shifts the whole focus away from the mind. Suddenly, now it isn’t the mind running the show of human consciousness, it’s the “Heart”.
By seeing the Heart as a Master endocrine, you are shifting the focus to the seat of the self, the seat of the soul. When the heart as the Master gland of the endocrine system is activated, the endocrine function in the whole body becomes strengthened and this activation has facilitated some profound healing experience.

You make a decision to activate your heart’s endocrine function by allowing yourself to reflect on what you previously thought your heart was capable of. Ask yourself now, up until this time : What did you think your heart’s primary function was?
In physical, emotional, or spiritual terms. You may like to write down your reflection in “your Heart Speaks diary”

Then allow your consciousness to expand by acknowledging exactly what your heart’s capabilities are. This expansion of consciousness sets up a new pattern or vibration in your heart and you are then able to receive transmissions from the stars, the sun and the moon. To enable this consciousness to be activated in you implies that you are ‘Ready To Receive’. By acknowledging to yourself that the heart is an endocrine gland when activated and acknowledged as one, you will begin to receive the energy and abundance from the stellar realms, sun and moon and even the earth itself.

Consciousness creates change in your cellular memory and your consciousness now is ready to Receive this new information. When you surrender to this new view of yourself, you are taking ‘responsibility’ for your heart as the living oracle it is…

Heart I love you,




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