The Power of “The Divine Mothers” at The Equinox

The Divine Mothers” represent the forces which are balanced and co-create in perfect harmony and unison at Equinox. (Spring in the Southern hemisphere)  As the calendar creates with the Forces; the forces within us, the balanced inner Divine Masculine (through the elements of Fire and Air) and Divine Feminine, (through the elements of Water and Earth) manifest through the Divinities.  Right now Goddess Isis and her sister Nephthys  represent the balanced Forces, through the Equinox.

Their natures represent the Forces.  The two sisters reflecting The Divine Mother in All her forms.  Try and imagine at this moment, when the elements are balanced energetically, by meditating on these two deities.  Isis and Nephthys protecting the Scarab. The Heart.  As you begin to attune to your own heart, you may visualise Isis (The Mother of magic) at the left side of your heart and Nephthys (her sister who holds space for the journey into the underworld) at the right side of your heart.  When you feel this force of balance within yourself you begin to perceive the beauty and stillness, order brings to your chaotic heart, when you are feeling lost, abandoned, fearful or anxious.  

This Force is so powerfully represented in The Last Judgement.  The masterpiece of the ancient Egyptian magical system through The Mysteries (original now in the British Museum).  Both Isis and Nephthys are holding their hands at the back and shoulder of Osiris.  They are both standing still in concentration representing the beauty and duality of stillness.  Osiris, the Judge and Lord of the Underworld who makes the final decision on the weight of your “pure heart” for its release to the next evolution, is supported by The Divine Feminine.  

It is The Sisters, who honour the forces; who hold the power to protect Truth, from imbalanced forces around this most intense moment.  The Law of Maat is so perfectly represented in this representation.  Both sisters represent the two aspects of the Divine Feminine.  The Divine Feminine who holds the force. Imagine now these tow forces supporting you ‘now’ in your life.  It brings you now the sense of pure acceptance of yourself. 

Isis message to you now: Acceptance  –  Isis brings you now to a space of pure acceptance of yourself.  You must allow yourself the precious gift of knowing you are able to have the precious peace you deserve.  You must just allow the essence to grow and take root.  You must continue to monitor your relationship with yourself and bring ‘All Love” to your soul.  You must allow the message of “All Love”, the energy of pure bliss to bring you now to a space of forgiveness for yourself.”

Nephthys message to you now: Receiving Love –  The secret sacred part of you knows on thing, Truth.  When you are truthful to your heart, you begin the journey home to love. Allow yourself now the spirit of love to unfold around you, as you open your heart to the one truth.  “I am now allowing the essence of my love to unfold around me, as I bring myself home to my heart.  I am Love”

The Equinox is a most powerful time for you to experience The Divine Mother in her forms of Isis and Nephthys.

Heart I love you, Carmel.

REFERNECE: The Alchemies of isis Embodiment through The High Priestess


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The Last Judgement

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