The Unified Field & your Intelligent Heart

Your heart has the biggest energy field of your body and at the center of its center is a point of singularity that is both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It is a doorway within your body to the universal vacuum; a doorway to the infinite. 

When your heart unfurls into its fully functioning, Awakened, Intelligent Self, it can come into harmonious resonance with the Unified Field and you truly can become one with the “FIELD.” 

This ‘field of oneness’ has gone by many names, the ether, source, the vacuum, the zero point field, or put quite simply “space,” it permeates ALL things. Our physical world that seems so solid to us, our tables, chairs, walls, bodies, everything in our physical manifest world is 99.9999% space. The atoms themselves are 99.9999% space. The interesting thing is that “space” isn’t empty, in fact “space” is incredibly dense, it is so dense that if it were at the same density as space, all the actual matter in our entire known universe would fit into an area of space just 1 cm cubed.  This incredibly dense space, permeates ALL things.

We are now coming to a conscious understanding of the workings of this field of “oneness with the all.” We stand in a timeless time in humanity’s collective consciousness, when the hints left to us by those who attained this knowledge, through the deep intuitive wisdom of our hearts which has been expressed by sages and mystics throughout the ages, is now merging with the current level of scientific knowledge. As a result of, the breakthrough discoveries and unifying theories of Nassim Haramein,  we are for the first time in humanity’s modern history now at a place where the wisdom of our sages and our ancient symbolism is in attunement with our mathematical equations and scientific knowledge. 

An exercise to support the entry point into your Immortal Black Heart, can be strengthened and made even more powerful as a connection to the Unified Field of our Earth Mother’s Heart.  Her Unified Field resonating with ours.

You can imagine your Hearts Intelligence spiralling down to the Core of Earth Mothers beingness. Feeling the flow of your core remembering now as you unwind your clock. Take the spiral down into the core of my beingness, down, down, down into the core of my beingness now. Right now you are spiralling into my earth’s heart. Receive and watch the miracles manifest now. 

You are witnessing this energy now create with you in all areas of your remembering. This is a time to really bring to your world your sense of truth and power. Bring this sense of absoluteness to you now. 

Right now as you embrace the core essence of your beingness, you are allowing all you ever were and will be take root. You are beginning to flow in this energy now.

Release the past, and don’t look back. 

This is time to really allow the heart of the mystery create with you. Feeling the essence of all you ever were brings truth and power. 

This co-creation can also be enhanced with the power of alchemy sound consciousness. Trusting Earth Mother now brings you to the power to really flow in the energy of renewal and light. You are truly now allowing the power of earth’s magical currents create a force field around your abundant and joy filled life. This is time to really celebrate and be a witness to this incredible essence, energy and life force of a new beginning. 

You are drawing the most incredible energy through the power of alchemy sound consciousness. You are flowing in the energy of this power now, as you bring to your life the sense of real and lasting power with the earth’s currents, power grids and ley lines. You are opening to this energy now. Flow in this energy now, and receive from it. 

When you become the STILL Point of everything you need to feel you are really able to allow yourself the absolute essence of all I can offer you. This is a time to really create in this energy of allowance, where all is one. You are one with it all. Right now you are creating with the all of everything, and the all brings you to the still point of everything. 

Flow with the all of my being now.

We all need to open to our “CORE” beliefs about the power of what we are capable of. 

All TRUTH SEEKERS, those wanting more from life, will find these exercises valuable in helping you express your identity the The Path of The HEART.

Heart I Love You All, 


Reference from my book:Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The Now.


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