You know you have ‘transcended limits’, when you have that ‘ah ha” moment, where there is ‘no going back’.  Giving to yourself is the most transcending experience, because humans find it so hard to GIVE to themselves.

There is no going back, when you create in the energy of RECEIVING (which isgiving to yourself). When you give to yourself, you are creating ‘in energy’ because you are allowing yourself the magic of all you ever were to create with

Energy brings you the essence; the essence of pure and simple pleasure; pure simple peace to really feel the results of the energy.  FEEL when you give yourself an energy download by being STILL, REFLECTIVE, PEACE FILLED, you will receive a Peace Filled result and you must be a witness to the results you are getting.

What are the results you are receiving?

Say for example, you decide to give yourself 15 minutes every day for one month an energy download of Meditation, Reiki Healing, Yoga etc.
15 minutes a day, ‘that’s all’  you might say; that easy!

However, you may find it challenging because your mind will rebel. When you persist, you can begin to
examine what has happened in your life. What has happened in your life since you began giving to yourself?

When you ‘TRANSCEND LIMITS’ by RECEIVING, you will begin to feel your heart open. Ie. You are Receiving Love.

It is time to really examine why you might find it a challenge to do something for yourself so seemingly simple, as to give yourself time to be Still, Reflective and to Receive Energy.
Accepting and surrendering to your new identity will bring you real and lasting power to co-create with the energy of your own allowance.

You will begin to encode your day:
What am I allowing myself to receive today?

Be clear and specific.
What am I really allowing today?

To ask yourself daily:
What am I here for? Why this place? Why Earth?

This will challenge your ability to transcend limits, to find absolute surrender to the forces assisting you.
For when you believe and trust in the forces assisting you, you are on the way to knowing there is no death, just another leap into timelessness and space.

It is an empty forbidding space to the mind, but to the heart it is home, truly it isa space, yes, I can trust myself, I am about to free fall.(similar to diving)
Transiting into a multi-dimensional view of reality can only be described as the most pure and trusting space ever.

I have witnessed it and have been a witness to its pure timelessness, where time as the mind knows, does not exist.
Giving to yourself transcends limits as the mind is released, so the HEART can
Start Free Falling!

Heart I Love you,



The Miracle of the Mysteries Revealed through The Hearts Secrets – C.Glenane


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