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The message from The Keepers of The Mysteries is very simple. To trust in them is going to be your truth, and your challenge. Your truth and your challenge are to trust them and to allow them into your life.

You are truth made manifest with them, and you are very aware now of their sacred presence all around you if you have journeyed so far into yourself so far in reading this transmission.

Your challenge, now that you are aware of their presence, is to live their truth in your life, and allow yourself your belief in your own ability to think outside the square and become multidimensional in your thinking.

You have a ‘problem’.

Every day there is a ‘problem’.

Every hour there is a ‘problem’ your culture and belief patterns create problems in you.    One way of acknowledging old karmas coming to the surface is to say to yourself:

“When I have a problem, I am dealing with old karmas and cultural belief patterns.”

Good: This is a board game.

You know where you are starting from, i.e. I have a problem with my tax bill, I have a problem with my disobedient child, I have a problem with my lover who is not faithful to me. The list is endless.

Create now, this Visualization with The Sphinx

Draw ‘The Sphinx’ over you now energetically through a visualization and feel the energy and protection of the Pharaoh – Lion or Jackal-headed Anubis. Really ask The Keepers to bring the Riddle of The Sphinx to yourself because The Sphinx is you anyway and this is the biggest riddle of all because you hold the answer to why you have a disease. What is your disease called? This disease can also include addictions, i.e. gambling, shopping, depression, anxiety disorder, etc. This disease is your messenger. The message must be listened to very carefully as you seek to understand your riddle.

In visualization:  ask now to feel The Keepers magnetize themselves toward you as you journey into your truth. You need to feel The Keepers really magnetize themselves to you so you can feel the holy joy and oneness of them now.

You need to acknowledge to yourself that you are ready to have The Keepers’ magnetic presence all around you like winged ones.

Feel their powerful eyes and feel their essence and oneness envelop you as you discover your ancestry. Your ancestry at soul level is being made available now. Allow yourself the holy and trusted presence of yourself now. You are a Divine being; one with all The Keepers. Have absolutely no fear as you surrender to these beings.

All of life is an expression and experience of yourself as you bring to your life your Divine truth about your being. Your “being” is “being.” It is essence made manifest, and made into oneness.

Feel this now, as you embark on your power trip. Now just acknowledge that your life now opens “you” up to your own power to discover yourself now through The Keepers of the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

REFERENCE: The Miracle of The Mysteries  Revealed through the Hearts Secrets


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