Turning ON the Light Switch of your Hearts Senses.

As you begin to activate your Senses through your heart, your heart will begin to “feel” safe and create with you. When we allow ourselves to resonate with our Senses, we begin to open to the birth of our hearts at a new level of consciousness. If we “intend” that our “hearts’” primary senses can be activated for “remembering,” our intent shapes our destiny.

Allowing the forces of nature to assist in your heart’s remembering brings you to a space of pure delight in the process of being human. You are feeling this light and power resonate through you as you open up to the world of a most spectacular light show in your consciousness.

You are magnifying your intent, every time you give love and energy to your intent. For it is the intent that brings you home to yourself, and it is your intent that shapes your destiny.

Your destiny is a malleable thing. Intent shapes it. Your intent can create miracles.

Your intent creates your world. Intent is the miracle. Your activation of intent starts with a feeling of love for yourself, which starts out with one tiny strand of knowing and grows to a forest.

Imagine your intent magnifying to create a forest of unbelievable “self love.” This forest of unbelievable “self love” magnifies and brings to your world “All Love,” and “All Love” brings the whole essence of being into one whole. Allowing this essence to shape your world brings you into resonance with all there is. You are love.

The world of nature assists in the heart’s remembering because it activates our five primary senses. When our heart’s five primary senses are activated we begin to remember.

Your heart’s receptors are very sensitive to the ‘five primary senses’ and we awaken our heart’s intelligence by activating those senses. Each person has ‘five energy belts’ around the body. Each of the five energy belts relate to a particular sense. To activate the heart’s intelligence you need to see the heart as having receptors which are very sensitive to the five primary senses of the energy belts. Each person has one of the five energy belts that the heart responds to as its dominant primary sense. The correspondences between the sensory perceptions and the energy belts discussed below are a part of the Philosophy of the Divine Feminine and are in relation to the senses of the heart.

The energy belt located at our Base Chakra area is the “Self Nurturing” energy belt. It connects to the pelvic area of the body. It is activated by Touch,and is the most basic primal connection to being in our body.

Our Belly and Solar Plexus Chakra is the “Self Respect” energy belt. It responds to Smell, i.e. I smell a rat, as a metaphor. It responds to oils, perfumes, food, and other aromas. All smells activate the core center, the belly of our being, our center.

The Heart and Thymus Chakras are “The Seat of the Self” and relate to the “Self” energy belt. The Heart center responds to the sense of Taste. When we feel through our heart with feelings of compassion, giving gratitude and appreciation, we open up the heart to remembering our true power.

The Throat and Third Eye Chakras, including the face and ears is the “Self Realization” energy belt. This is activated when we begin to feel through Hearing and listening with attention to the sounds of nature, music, chanting, poetry, and other inspired speech.

The Crown Chakra and Beyond is the “Bliss” energy belt and is activated when we See all; everything becomes clear and we can really see and live our truth.

Your intelligent heart speaks volumes to you. Listen to it as you truly begin to ascend, taking apart all the pain it has endured and releasing this pain. Feeling this pain, releasing it, and moving into a new way of being human, brings you now a sense of ownership of all you have created. Your heart has time now to find this pain and open up to releasing, to its true source to love. Just to love.

Activating the hearts primary senses, one by one, stops the self- punishment of your very own heart. You wouldn’t punish a child, pet or elderly person, but you do punish you own heart when you don’t address your heart’s capacity to create with the senses.

Activating the hearts senses supports this release. Breath will support this mergence of your heart’s senses by creating a magnetic shield between you and your fully awakened, fully intelligent heart. Feel now the magnetic sheath be opened for you to bring this magnetic shield to you. For when you truly embrace this magnetic shield you are bringing to you the magic of your divine presence to yourself.

This divine presence is allowing you now to begin the mystery of your own creation. Keep the breath going, evoking through the breath your ability to hold light and energy through this magic shield. Breathe in the magnetic shield. Feeling it now protecting the opening of your newly emerging awakened heart’s five primary senses. Your heart will begin to activate its own memory, opening now to the magnetic force of energy around it.

What are you creating?

I am creating a vortex of raw transformative power right now to bring me all I need for my heart’s intelligence. Right now to activate my heart’s primary senses. Feel your own heart calling to the sound of its own mystery. Be in this mystery now. For it is your heart which is the mystery and it has its story. As the story unfolds, so the mystery is revealed.

What mystery are you revealing to yourself right now?

“I am revealing the mystery of my heart’s capacity to be awakened through its five primary senses.”

Activating your intelligent heart allows you to really respond to your senses and respect them as living energies supporting you on your journey right now.

Giving yourself the opportunity to be a witness to your heart’s mystery, a new sense of direction and purpose in her life, giving her power to recognize this power for the first time.

Begin to experience your power as an inner heart-centered energy right now by really allowing you and your senses to become “friends.”

Say lovingly aloud:

  • “My heart’s eyes…I love you. I see with you right now.”
  • “My heart’s ears…I love you. I am listening to you right now.”
  • “My heart’s nose… I love you. I am smelling with you right now.”
  • “My heart’s tongue… I love you. I am tasting with you right now.”
  • “My heart’s skin… I love you. I am feeling with you right now.”

When you feel ready to support your new identity you will begin to draw new people, events, and situations to you.

The first support must come from you.

Breath gets you there. Begin breathing in; holding; releasing; pause. As you breathe in; ask yourself:

“Can I support my new identity?”

This new identity through your heart’s senses activation needs support.

You need to give yourself love, peace, and tranquility to allow yourself to support your new identity.

“I now allow myself support in my emerging new identity.”

“I am Love.”

Heart I Love You,



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