What is a Remembered Heart?

To face your “Last Judgement” and not know why you experienced taking a body and living with the intense and overloading space we create in being human is a tragedy beyond words.

Countless reports from carers, loved ones and health workers recount the immense sadness, regret and lasting loss experienced when there hasn’t been any (or much) attention given to Why we Took a Life on Earth.

The greatest Gift is to take a Life and the experience of living through the Force of Love Earth Mother brings is a testament to your POWER daily to know WHY you took this place to share with Earth Mother in your souls evolution.

As Earth Mother is an INTELLIGENCE, who has evolved herself over a couple of billion years, she had some words of LOVE for us, however, she does want us to LISTEN to her WORDS OF LOVE.

To take a life is a perilous journey and Earth Mother who has consecrated our FIRST CELL, is the GO TO for the challenges the immense sadness can leave us with when we don’t listen to her.

To communicate with The EARTH as a Living Intelligence is as simple as recognising her Forces come through her Minerals, Rare Earths, Gems and recognise The Forces through her Minerals can Speak to us; Heal and provide us with Instant Peace.

When we recognise the Intelligence behind the Crystals, Minerals, Gems we visit a space that TAKES US IN and not OUT.

It is IN this space; the dense viscous territory of what is UNDER our FEET, which can give us a True Sense of our CORE IDENTITY and help us navigate the wilderness in being Human sometimes.

Earth Mother speaks: I speak of your ‘Serpent Power’. Your serpent power helps you get access to me. Your serpent power is the Kundalini or Sa Sekhem Sahu (Egyptian) or Shakti energy. It is located in your pelvis- Self Nurturing Energy Belt.

Activating your Serpent Power gives you access to me through the ‘ley lines’ and ‘matrices’ under your feet. See them as an interconnected web of structured energy lines like The Flower of Life, for you get to access me through the ley lines and matrices under your feet. Free your temporal selves to explore my realms for all you need lies under your feet.

Place your feet and hands on my surface now as I open up your templates to receive the gifts I have. The Spirit Serpents become Activated and the Serpents carry the vibration for the Earth’ s Heart to be accessed. (She is referring to the Spirit Serpents under the Earth)

You are earthing the heart’s earth now, (ie. It is the heart of the Earth itself) as you take your power back to your heart’s truth. You are earthing your heart into mine now. I am inviting you to trust in the power of my secrets, which bring you your identity for who you really are.

Who are you?

You are my child. I am your Mother.

That’s who you are. Humans have been given the consciousness to create with me consciously.

Earth Mother speaks:

“Now as you choose to consciously create with me, what exactly is it you are creating”?

“You have my attention. I am listening.”

Carmel (please insert your own name here): Dear Mother,

Earth Mother speaks: call me, Earth Mother.

Carmel (your name): Help me now with this..

Earth Mother speaks: “Write down your request; be specific.”

Earth Mother speaks: “and what will you do with it, I ask?”

Carmel (this is what I pledged. Your pledge may be different):

  • I will use this gift you give me to be of service to you.
  • I pledge to serve you in whatever way I can, saving nature, and the species who live on the earth, the people.

Earth Mother speaks: “When you serve me, I listen to you and grant your request.”

Pledging SERVICE to EARTH MOTHER, allowing The Forces speak to you through her Minerals deepens your connection to your Earth; your HEART and Every Living Thing.

Your Last Judgement awaits you.

Give SERVICE to Earth Mother.

Your HEART will love you for it.

Hearts I love you ALL.


REFERNECE: The Final Secret BOOK



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