What is the Nature of MIRACLES? How do we EMBODY Them?

The Force of MIRACLES is created through perfect alignment with you and your Framed Intent!

For a MIRACLE cannot Manifest unless your Intent is Framed.

As one opens up to the consciousness directed towards The Heart the Force of Miracles is adjusted to that Intent. Be in constant co-creation, yet observation of All that prevents you from Expecting Miracles in your life. The need to be ever vigilant against the Terrible Two – the Reptilian Force of the Mind – over analytical, questioning – and The Emotional Heart – needy, tired, the victim; who are the Terrible Two that keep you stuck in your old reality from the true Force of Miracles.

Be in constant co-creation with the Magic of The Forces, as you keep fine tuning your day to keep The Forces Activated in balance for Miracles to happen.

An Exercise/Visualisation to support you to Create Miracles:

Imagine your Heart having Four separate Quarters. (imagine cutting a circular pie into four equal sections) Each of these Quarters represents an Element.

  • The AIR Element is to the Upper Left side of your Heart.
  • The FIRE Element is below the Air Element.
  • The EARTH Element is Lower Right Side.
  • The WATER Element is above the Earth Element.

As you observe your Framed Intent, visualise it going into the Hearts Quarters, and stirring your Framed Intent for your Miracles to manifest into your Hearts FOUR SACRED ELEMENTS.

As magicians manifest Miracles, through evoking the Sacred Elements and Quarters, you can allow yourself to RECEIVE LOVE through Expecting Miracles throughout your day.

By Balancing your Hearts Elements; you are allowing your Intelligent Heart through Framed Intent to start manifesting for you. You are also developing detachment from the forces through the mind and emotional heart, who will seek their revenge against your newly Awakened Intelligent Heart.

Our whole Beingness is in constant co-creation with The Forces assisting us, as we are one of the Great Cycles of Creation. Step into the Miracle of The Mystery of yourself and ALL you are capable of by Expecting The Force of Miracles to manifest Daily, Hourly etc. to give you confidence to be in co-creation with The Force of the ALL in Every Living Thing to co-create with you.

The dance of your Embodied Self has begun; you will soon become the Embodiment of Miracles and your Framed Intent to birth your Force field of Miracles has begun!

Always remember, the Terrible Two, are never far away, they will strike if you are too tired and or emotional and or angry.

Begin to ACTIVATE your One Heart Intelligence now by saying:

What is my Framed Intent for this Miracle to manifest in my life now?

Count your Miracles throughout your day, keep a log/account of them and begin to FEEL THE FORCE of MIRACLES.

May The Force be with You.

Heart I love you, Carmel.


The Miracle of The Mysteries

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