Who holds the Light for Humanity’s Future

My journalist friend has just completed a feature article about a Swiss born woman (now living in Northern NSW Australia) who for 24 hours, was trapped, suspended up side down when skiing alone in the Alps.

How did she survive below zero freezing cold conditions, (including having to manage urinating over herself) with injuries and absolute terror at never being found, alive, dying slowly, alone, dark, in a rocky crevice?

The Swiss woman sent love to her heart…. and in that 24 hours found Gratitude for everything in her life. Every single thing she could remember, even when she was a child. She kept repeating “Gratitude” . Further more she said “If I am rescued,……. I will spend the rest of my life helping humanity in some way”. (Which she has done.)

I truly believe by opening her heart like this to herself, she sent out a Magnetic Force, which may have attracted the newly trained rescue dog out on its first mission, who left the pack of other rescue dogs and looked for her. Why did the dog do this? Could he have felt her Magnetic Force radiating out from her Heart, and he picked it up?

The Institute of HeartMath latest findings (link: ) ‘The Mysteries of the Heart’ states that the human heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body, and that positive emotions create psychological benefits for the body. This organization has been researching for over 20 years solid scientific evidence for the Hearts Intelligence, its function etc.

So who’s the holder of humanity’s light for the future?..

You are……Right now……. By Being present……and flowing magnetic energy around the world.
You create the conditions in your Heart by being Grateful, being present and flowing in the magnetic energy.

Getting to that state requires you make an Intent and establish a bargaining dialogue, …… with who….you guessed it…..O K……Mind……just lets do this gratitude thing for 1/2 an hour and see what happens!!!

You will be astonished by your changing energy levels, bringing you a sense of peace, wholeness and security, in your relationship with your ‘Heart Centre’…..further increasing the power of gratitude with Breath, and visualize all the people, events, nature ” the works”, who have helped you and are helping you right now…be grateful….. Break it down and make it simple for yourself.

Our country’s greatest living treasure, an Order of Australia winner, who was offered a state funeral by our Prime Minister last week, Faith Bandler, held this space in her heart continually. She lobbied to change the constitution giving all indigenous Australians basic human rights. Her whole life is filled with such incredible gifts to humanity. Unbelievable …..an indigenous woman …..in a white mans country,….. achieving so much.
Become your own Heart’s greatest living treasure, and the ‘rescuer’ will be yourself.

Heart I Love you all..


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    These words resonate with me Georgina

  2. Suzie Cheel

    Hi Carmel, beautiful and amazing story, curious as who is the woman 🙂 Yes Faith Bandler was a true gift. Yes I working on becoming my Heart’s greatest living treasure namaste Suzie xxoo
    PS add an image to your post so when I share on Facebook it has an image

  3. David

    Hi Carmel,
    Total belief in herself and her capacity to influence her physical reality through her heart and her unshakeable intent of the outcome.
    We all have a lot to lean and apply in our daily lives – it has been done and can be done by everyone.
    Love & Light

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Carmel!
    That is what I need to hear so I can be present and greatful about my life thank you from California

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