Who re-creates your Fire Spirit?

“In every ones life at sometime our inner fire goes out.
It is burst into flames by an encounter with another human being.”
Albert Schweittzer German-French Missionary, Physician and Writer.

Albert Schweitzer was known as a ‘renaissance man’, a genius, in maths science and literature. In other words nothing was beyond his ability to do exactly what he wanted in any field of endeavour.
Being in the presence of people or a person who re-creates our “fire -spirit”, someone who fuels or fires us up for the next “round” in the “boxing ring of life”.
What significant people have you encountered to renew your life, bursting YOU into “flames”?

As the year winds down I am reflecting now, on observing people this year, who created through their incredible passion, energy, and love, and renewed my “fire”!
Feeling the energy of such people give you that extra spurt to ‘keep going’.

In making my list I was astonished by how my life has changed by two significant people.
In January this year I attended G’Day USA (a Gala Annual event celebrating Australian performance/achievements in U.S.A.)
Dr. Shelley Sykes, a British born expat Aussie, now living in L. A. She is a T. V. Host, Author. Wining numerous business achievement awards globally.
However, it was her absolute dedication her own global Charity “Happy Charity – Get The Happiness Bug ” founded to help support disadvantaged children. (her own son being born with Cerebal Plasy) She ‘fired’ me up to become an Australian Ambassador of Happy Charity, where Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ now assists to raise money for local Australian disadvantaged children are able to swim with the Dolphins.
This Charity brings me an incredible sense of joy and passion…. We have had so many fun adventures raising money (including two sensational Whale watching Tours) It has been unbelievable watching so many happy families contributing to helping disadvantaged children, swim with Dolphins.

I am blessed to live in a Littoral Rainforest over looking a pristine ocean..Bliss!!..my next “flame thrower” is Bunny Rabbitts OAM (Yes, that’s his nickname)…..  My wonderful friend and neighbour founded Dune Care Australia, transforming the dunes,constantly planting tiny trees reclaiming the coastal dunes, by growing seedlings, and organizing communities planting them, Bunny’s vision has transformed the beaches of Australia. Bunny invited me to create a Ritual by planting trees, blessing them as “Reiki” trees for all our students and supporters of Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™.

Participating in the the “boxing ring of life” being constantly under pressure, stressed out, makes us forget to “Ignite our Inner Fire”…
Count up the people who have ‘charged you up’ this year…..List, who helped you re-create your “Fire-Spirit”

Magic happens when you do..you get more energy…

Heart I love you,


REF: Embodying the divine Masculine of All Truth

Atlantean Manifestation Secrets

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