You, the Miracle

Life is full of endless possibilities, so what stops you from receiving what the universe is prepared to give?

My mentor (for those of us who like the “out-of-the-box” take on life) Pam Grout.. bestseller. ESquare states
“When we are born , we are giant love generators.
We radiate out a clear energy of light and incomparable joy
In a way we are like dolphins sending out our own special sonar of unconditional love”

Expecting and Encoding Miracles to happen is fun and it works. How do you expect your miracles to happen?
I use these 3 proven steps the achieve my miracles every day.

Ritual works for me…

  • I ground and earth my intent by writing my miracles down. Bury them on paper or write them in sand or earth. give them to Mother Earth with a gift…shell, flower incense…
  • The “extra dollop” is to check that my “Wish” is in accordance with my higher self and intelligent heart. ( no point having your wishes boomerang back with unpleasant consequences!!!)
  • and very importantly BE GRATEFUL…for what you already have..

When my friend purchased her new Audi metallic blue convertible a year or so ago, I immediately knew this WAS THE CAR FOR ME!    So whats a girl to do….. .go shopping, for some serious cary buying. I did this for the past month. Whenever I drove, I saw blue cars metallic, OK OK I they seem to be EVERYWHERE.
My friend called in to have a healing Friday. Before she left she casually says…I’m selling my Audi blue convertible. The moment she proclaims statement straight over her shoulder I see a blue metallic car wizzing by…..
Absolutely nothing is impossible…is it…!!!!
YES. I am now the proud owner of the Audi blue convertible
Now, just to help YOU manifest,  (in case you already haven’t got it) there is a passage from my book “The Alchemies of Isis”
“All of life is resonating to your call to bring truth home to you.
Declare..I am a human being and I am alive to my beingness right NOW.”
As human beings, we deserve to receive, so we can give unconditionally to others in a spirit of truth receiving brings.
Receive your miracles daily
Your human beingness DEMANDS ITS. Happy motoring.

Heart I love you,


REFERENCES: The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through the High Priestess

Atlantean Manifestation Secrets

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