Your Heart – Your Chess Game

You are witnessing now the power of your life against the forces which attach to you through fear and loss.
Just imagine, a Chess Board, and the “characters” presenting themselves on the board. This is your Chess Board of life.
You are just about to begin your game. You know what “you” want.
I want to eliminate “obstacles” to get to my goal. i.e. This is to “win” the game against your opponent, your “mind” 
Here you are Intelligent Heart, here is our game, it begins “now”
Our game plan is to put our intelligent heart against this intelligent mind of mine.
My mind will need controlling, for us to win the game to get to our intelligent heart.
We will need to witness our minds cunning moves against our hearts truth.
It is the witnessing that is going to give you the advantage to get to your intelligent heart.
Check Mate!
Every day you witness your hearts truth and what you must do together on your board game of life.
Beginning your day, can be an adventure to see where your “mind” will take your as you as you plot the course.
Keep in your own heart, your vision. 
“What is my vision?” 
“What is my purpose.” 
Get this part very clear:
This will determine why you will even begin to track the mind and its plots to tune into you through your ego and emotional life.
Our lives are beautiful,  when we have a plan, when we recognise that we can have a beautiful life, one which is acknowledgment of our fear which is now being “controlled” by our intelligent heart against our own chaotic mind.  A beautiful heart is the heart of the seeker who trusts her “pure” heart to bring her this gift.
Feel now your chess board.
Look carefully at the characters.
Your chess board is your own heart’s Stargate.
See, taste, touch, smell and feel your vision.
Really get into the heart of your vision and give it all you’ve got.
Depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance etc can be seen to be an imbalance; can be seen to be a by product of a mind which has been “allowed” to control the chess game.
Prince Harry recently was applauded globally on the media for coming out and sharing candidly his own depression, anxiety, and anger toward his past grief at Princess Diana’s death.
We are all able to partake in the grand cosmic chess game of life’s beauty, to support our hearts truth against our minds vast and cunning intelligence.
When we do this, we become The One Heart, the Stargate of our truth filled Heart.
Heart I Love You,
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