Your Makeover – Yourself as Sacred Art

Who doesn’t  experience  an Identity crisis!!!!    What is an “Identity Crisis”  anyway?  Practically every one nowadays is a “celeb” of some sort.
Reality blogs, social media self portraits can create an ‘identity’ of instant gratification to the ego.
Why does K.  K. W.   {if you dont know those  initials, here the hint  Kim}   like to share her life?   She has 23 mill. and counting, followers on instragam and facebook  24,000;  a pop cultural phenomonen,   with 73 million people “wanting in.”   As a marketer she has created her own fame just  by selling “Herself”  a profile being set up through reality T. V. etc.
By  contrast, in the same city,   Los Angeles,  Angelique Jolle has just finished filming a story of an incredible Italian immigrant, who spent his whole life (having died just before the film was released at 92) getting his achievements recognized in Hollywood…. Imagine finding you are living next door to the man whose life you were directing.
We live in a world of parallel realities;  where multiple identities are created, and being presented to us through the media.   Fame is marketed as a profile, and incredible achievements not getting an outlet  till death.
So, what ‘Identity’ are you choosing for your life right now?
As humans we really need to connect to ourselves only.  Begin observing people,  with new eyes, …… the eyes of “self” responsibility. 
Challenging yourself to allow yourself,  this space and freedom, will see you witnessing the total destruction of an emotional identity with any one.  Only from this space can “Self Love” grow
We are living in an age of mass depression and anxiety with a 40% increase in depression medication administered in recent years.
I am constantly  supporting people help themselves create  “Self”  responsibility  through my  work, in my healing centre, books, and training programmes etc.  Yet the challenge is to get people to take the first  ‘baby  step’   the first step,  to “The Self ”   –  The Heart Centre,  by encouraging people to be a witness to themselves  in emotionally loaded situations;  de constructing the emotional need to hook into another person’s journey…
I  was moved by the bravery of Stephanie Gilmore,  ( a 26 year old  Australian world champion surfer) who lives in my city,  recalling her healing journey from depression and anxiety (after a random attack on her, at her  apartment, resulting in a broken arm) only took place when she came from a space of not looking back at:  Why it happened?  – but  Accept it –  and Move on…  
Her breakthrough came when she just decided to Breathe the pain and depression through. 
We all have something to learn  from these examples of achievement.
Lets create ourselves as “Artwork”.  Allow yourself to  become “Sacred Art” –  this is an essential aspect of identity.
This ‘Sacredness for yourself as living art’, creates ‘Self Respect’.
Allow yourself to look at yourself as living art,  to beautiful to behold.
You then become your “GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT.”
**Get help for anxiety and IS available..
Heart I Love you, 
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  1. annie cavanagh

    Oh so true people are to court up in materialistic things forgetting what life is really about.

  2. Elizabeth Harris

    thought provoking thank you

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