Speaking the Language of the One Heart

How to Free Yourself from Emotional Enslavement by Activating Your Spiritual Heart

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Secret #1 - Do This One Thing To protect yourself when someone tries to energetically, spiritually or emotionally attack you​

I am going to show you a powerful and amazing technique that really works and has even saved my life. You can use this anywhere whenever you need it.

Secret #2 - The One Thing That Leaves You Open To Emotionally Enslaving And Codependent Relationships ​

This will help you with the fear of and also what to do about dark and difficult emotions that can come up around emotional enslavement. This is about the thing you fear that narcissists, energy vampires and manipulators are using against you. It will also show you how to protect yourself both physically, spiritually and energetically.

Secret #3 - How to deal with the repercussions from others when you stop allowing them to manipulate you​

This will show you the role cellular karma plays in your relationships. This will also share another powerful technique you can use to purge and clear yourself.

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Embodying the language of the ONE HEART

Speaking the Language of the One Heart Course

$1,199 Value

This course will help you to be free from the emotional enslavement and expectation of others. You will feel the powerful energies and shifts right from when the course begins. Changes will be powerful but gentle. Things will begin to shift in your life the moment you start going through this course….

Training tools added into the course​

$250 Value

  • Breath activation techniques the Ancient Egyptians used to activate the 5 energy belts
  • How to use crystalline intelligence & sound as an interdimensional, energetic bank account, to draw energy when needed
  • How to earth yourself properly
  • Meditation and visualisation techniques and more…

Heart I love you Masterclass

$935 Value

Can you imagine not feeling Fear in the ordinary way.  By observing it through your Secret Heart’s intelligence. Your Secret Hearts Intelligence will help you explore parallel universes defying disease and degeneration.

The 21 Day Goddess Of All Light, Subtle Body Activations

$296 Value

This is going to enable you to transmute any and all dark and difficult emotions that your shadow will bring up to you from now on. This will retrain your subconscious mind for life, so that you can easily deal with and transmute any darkness or difficult emotions that might come up in your life. All you need to do each day is read one little passage and reflect on it throughout the day. Just do each passage on each day for 21 days.

Shamanic Firewalker Visualisation

$194 Value

This is going to make it easier to deal with people who don’t want you to find your power and authenticity, because you have activated your divine Masculine. It is going to help you when people who don’t have your best interests realise they can’t manipulate and use you anymore.

5 Levels of Heart Activation Audios

$99 Value

These are 5 exclusive audios from this content, totalling around 2 hours. They are going to help: 

Audio #1 Awaken: To reinforce the transformations you will receive in the Training

Audio #2 Activating your hearts endocrine function: To bring you longevity, rejuvenation and lifeforce

Audio #3 Activating your MtDNA: To tap into your reservoir of raw power

Audio #4 Activating the heart’s senses:  Help you create a more sensual life and allow your heart to take care of you and shut out the demon of your mind

Audio #5 Creating from your black heart: Your doorway to the infinite

Total Value $2,973

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No. This is not religious in any way. This is about energy and your personal power and the power of your heart.

No this is not just for women. This will benefit men just as much as women. All men and women have both a feminine and masculine energy.  So this will help strengthen the divine feminine and masculine in both men and women.