Know Your Crystalline Structure

At Atlantis Rising

Group Training Event - Sunday 5-11-23


In your Pre Birth State your Force was magnetized to Earth Mother; who Energetically Allocates you a Crystalline Structure based on your karmas and soul contracts..

  • Discover your Soul’s Blueprint..
  • Become more aware of your Personality Traits and Lifestyle Type so you can better understand ‘Why you Do;  What you Do’ because of old karmic lives and contracts.
  • Feel more EARTHED.

 & EARTH MOTHER has ALL the Secrets… Everything you need to know is UNDER your FEET.

Comments from our Recent Group Event in January & June 2023...

Sound Bath Immersion

At Atlantis Rising


2 Hour Meditation with Carmel Glenane playing Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️

EVENT DATES:   Friday 29th September – Friday 27th October & Friday 29th December 2023


TIME: 6.00pm to 8.00pm AEST.

INVESTMENT: $50.00 per person  – MAX 10 PEOPLE

Sound Bath Immersion 02

Join Me,  for a Transformative Evening of Earth Mother Channelling Playing Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️.  

Be Immersed in the Crystalline Liquid Light for Deep Powerful Cellular Transformation…

CALM you Mind and RESET your Cellular Matrix to a Harmonious State of BEING… 

The Channelled Meditation opens your Intelligent Heart to RECEIVE LOVE and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️work their MAGIC through your Crystalline Structure.