Tarot Card Readings

A Tarot Card Reading as opposed to a Divinatory Card (Oracle or angel etc) is an experience that embraces the Totality of a client’s life. The Tarot is a 78 Card deck, with Karmic Cards ( The Major Arcana Cards) and other Cards in Suits and Elements. Moreover, if embraces Numerology; Colour; and the Intent of the Client is curtail for a Tarot Card Reading to be seen as ‘Doing its job”.

Inner Authority

The Art of a good Tarot Card Reading is to Ask the Client directly: How can I help you today? This is not invasive, it is simply a courtesy.. I invite the client to engage in the Process of Opening their Hearts Intelligence to Give the Answers… FIRST, to establish the Inner Authority… The client needs to Take Responsibility for Why they are experiencing an issue…

Self Responsibility is the KEY… As the client can feel the energy of the Cards speaking Directly to them…

Blue Print

A Tarot Card Reading provides a Template or Blue Print for the client to Expand Consciousness through the Direct Path; The Path of the Heart..

This becomes a most powerful alchemical Inner as well as Outer Journey; as Intelligences of the Light are Activated to help the client.


There is a need for Protection in a Tarot Card Reading, as a client can be very vulnerable. This is NOT a time for Personal Counselling or antidotal information from the reader; unless the information supports the clients totality.. (this must be kept as brief as possible)

The Tarot Card Reading is NOT spying on loved ones or those who have passed over; who may NOT want their new Beingness interrupted… It is NOT about telling anyone when they are going to transit…. (it’s dangerous and illegal)

The client must leave a Tarot Card Reading with an understanding or closure of a particular issue at some level. It is NOT the reader’s responsibility to Find Solutions to appease the controlling mind…

A Tarot Card Reading must leave the client having had a Safe, Reliable and Loving Co-creation with their Hearts Guides and above all those who were present…

I have been professionally and privately Guiding people with the Tarot Card Reading since 1985.