Atlantis Rising

Healing Centre & Mystery School

Awakening the Global Heart of Humanity to Receive love, through the Divine Feminine and the path of MA'AT


The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre healings are a Guiding Force, enabling:

  • Total Relaxation
  • Opening of the Chakras (including the Hearts 7chakras)
  • Activating the Intelligent Heart
  • Bringing the energy up from the Earth through Earth Mothers Matrices and Leylines.

The client is fully clothed and given a private healing centre space to begin the journey under Reiki Healing; Crystalline Intelligences other Energies which Open the Heart Pathway…

The healers hands are gently placed on the Heart; Head; Belly or Feet to enhance the Flow of Energy. (if guided by the client- some people may not want to be touched)

Reiki healing is powerful Life Force Energy… Facilitating Miracles in the client’s total Beingness.

Sound Healing through classically pitched Alchemy Crystal singing bowls and Earth Mother’s rear Earth minerals, crystals and metals activate the Cells and allows for:

Detoxification and Release of Tension at the Source of Karma on the Aura, Energy Field and Lightbody…


The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension program offers you the opportunity to Integrate and Earth your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine self, through the Direct Path. The Direct Path is the middle ground, the Path of the Heart.

The Mystery School Ascension program provides you with a Step-By-Step Initiatory progression inviting you to explore your own multi-dimensionality whilst in a human incarnation.


Healing Centres traditionally provide a Beacon of Light for humans needing everything Physically; Emotionally and Spiritually
  • Mental Distress / Anxiety / Burnout / Breakdown
Can be By Products of an exhausted Mind…. When Light is Activated, through Reiki, Powerful Crystalline Intelligence and Heart Activation, by awakening, charging, cleansing and programming the clients Cellular Memory to ACCEPT New Frequencies…. The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre is essentially a Crystal Healing Centre as crystals birth New Consciousness when charged and programmed to do their work… Our bodies are Crystalline; Earth Mother is Crystalline; at Atlantis Rising Healing Centre we facilitate this Transfer of Energy Powerfully and Safely… Carmel Glenane Atlantis Rising Healing Centre.

FREE Class teaches you Ancient Atlantean secrets to manifestation

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