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Peace, Balance, Order…

Begin right now to experience a world your Heart Intelligence really feels you need to create Peace, Balance and Order in your life.

As you begin to allow the shutters to life from your consciousness, you can    just begin to allow yourself to Reach out for Help.

Lifting the night veils and allowing the Golden Sun to pour Illumination on your Beingness, right now.

Without Thinking…    Just Bathe in the Incandescent Light…   Allowing yourself to be STILL…

The Stillness creates a Vortex of Power to Allow you to begin to Feel Energy and New Invigoration, as the Light Beings, as we collectively are turning towards opening the Global Heart of Humanity to RECEIVE LOVE.   We collectively develop a Shared Vision and your need to Experience Peace, Balance and Order in your life gathers a Collective Force of Radiance to Allow your Heart to tap into the Collective ONE HEART. 

By allowing the Collective ONE HEART to be part of your consciousness, a sense of Relief comes over you.  You are NOT Alone… 

It can be tough, very tough, being alone;  struggling with your shutters veiling the incredible opportunities being part of the Collective ONE HEART Consciousness brings you.

Let’s Break Down the Process…

  • EACH DAY, each of us Awakens to a Sense of it being a NEW DAY.
  • New Opportunities, Synchronicities, Challenges abound.
  • This is where you must SEIZE THE POWER…
  • Begin to CREATE from THIS DAY…   This MOMENT…

VISUALIZE Yourself saying:

  • “I am bathing in the Incandescent Light of my New Day”
  • “I am emerging from the shutters of my nightly rest to Actively Create New Opportunities and Synchronicities”
  • I observe the Challenges”
  • “I know I can get Help for my challenges, because I am committed to the Collective ONE HEART supporting my Day; My Vision; My INTENT”

BEING STILL…..  Just being STILL ACTIVATES your INTELLIGENT HEART to Co-create with you..

  • Light the Candle for Yourself Energetically EVERY DAY.
  • Begin to Evoke the Forces to assist you through your Balanced Hearts Elements.
  • Always make sure you Anchor your Earth.  
  • Earth Mother has been Evoked too; to keep you firmly Anchored in the NOW.

Let yourself RECEIVE the REWARD; you have worked so hard for it..

Fly like the Winged Rainbow Scarab, observing the Golden Orb of Light in your Heart and truly FEEL the Vortex of Power and Light for your Hearts Truth. 

Gratitude, Heart I Love you,