Thinking with a HEART

Science was aware of the fact that the Heart COMMUNICATES with the brain 100 years ago, yet did NOT address it!
It was the study of neurocardiology which made it possible for the hearts sensory nervous system to be understood and gauged for the study to be classed as THE BRAIN OF THE HEART

Making life decisions with the knowledge that your HEART HAS A BRAIN, and it transmits information to “the” brain revolutionises every thought you’ve ever had about your problems. For example imagine asking your Hearts BRAIN to solve your problem! Write down the problem clearly to yourself, then you can find an answer in your HEART in Meditation through STILLNESS and observing your breath.

The hearts complex INTELLIGENCE, nervous system, functions neutrons, affecting short and long term memory allows us all to witness the interaction of our HEARTS BRAIN communicating with the brain cells consciously.

Professor Paul Pearsill; has discovered WHY donors HEARTS which live on for FOUR HOURS in cold water before being transplanted to the new recipient; states that the INTELLIGENCE Of the Heart starts because the functional memory is “restarted with the memory of THE DONOR”. Furthermore the hearts cellular memory is distributed throughout the NEURAL SYSTEM which kick starts the heart again. The heart can do this even though out of the donors body for FOUR HOURS.

Many people who have had heart transplants receive this cellular memory from THE DONOR. Their shocked family members often witness new behaviours, and skills the patient never knew or was interested in before the new heart was transplanted. (I have been personally told by a physiotherapist working in a large city hospital that she witnessed two men who had transplanted hearts using exercise bikes under her supervision begin talking to each other like two brothers. The physio was shocked, so were the men. She said they were sharing information the two men knew nothing about .)


The Ancients knew this. The foundation and wisdom teachings of the Ancient EGYPTIAN Spiritual Practices were founded on the teachings of heart INTELLIGENCE. Refer my previous article Why is the Human Heart more powerful than the brain? 

In our present era, research has taken a biological chemical, and mechanical direction which offers few helpful answers about how life ought to be lived.

Humanity’s collective NERVOUS IMBALANCE is in part caused by this analytical approach to HEART INTELLIGENCE which does not allow for silence and stillness, essential elements of intuition and spiritual experience.
Let us all celebrate the collaboration with pioneer scientists and doctors who are giving our HEARTS INTELLIGENCE a chance to be understood.

Are YOU living through the mind when making decisions?
Would YOU consult with your INTELLIGENT HEART when solving your problems?

Heart I Love you,



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