Are You the Product?


Just returned from Sydney Hay House Authors Conference, Reid Tracey President of Hay House said ” YOU are the product!.. get your platform! (girls, not your shoes) Personal Development is about ‘YOU’ as the Product, – your passion/your fire!
Q: Who mirrors to YOU, Your Product?
A: Friends, Family, Colleagues,
Q: What are they “seeing”?
Yesterday, a friend and colleague, I hadn’t seen for 12 years, Emma, – who taught me the Tarot, and the slippery slope of endemic chauvinism in my job- Head of Media at one of Melbourne’s oldest established boys schools, became the MIRROR TO MYSELF.
In my B.C. DAYS, (BEFORE CARMEL BECAME HER PRODUCT) I spent my life trying to change others.
Emma was shocked by my transformation from the ashes of my old life (including no house, car, money, husband’s suicide etc)
HOW DID YOU DO THIS? HOW.? HOW.? HOW.? was her Mantra.

Simple Emma. I shifted my ‘Mind-set- helping /changing others’ to “HEART SET”, and decided to up the temperature to RECEIVE before I GAVE.

I had the privilege of chatting intimately with Pam Grout (New York Times Best Seller 17 books- here is a quote from her latest best seller “E3”
“I gotten pictures, tales of co-oincidences and incontrovertable evidence that the universe is just waiting for us to catch up…butterflies,one of my signs”

After my first published book The Immortal Woman, no where was this more evident.

Bente Elisabeth from Norway whose series of co-incidences lead her to my Centre (including whales) took my book to Norway, saw her publisher friend who immediately published and distributed it in Norwegean.
The day I held in my hands,The Immortal Woman printed in Norwegian…I swear it “was Raining Black Butterflies”..

Here is a quote.from the Immortals to YOU…
The enormity of knowing there is a universe of love out there to support you aids immersurably in your attainment of immortality”


Heart I love you, 


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