The SOUND of Remembering

When you consider the enormity of our daily challenges and what ‘The Future” will bring; there is a need to really reflect on your own patterns and how these patterns are stemming from beliefs that your didn’t create.

Take for example your ‘Fear’ of ‘the future’; every conversation, every article seems to be saying the same thing. Actually this isn’t necessarily true. When you are triggered by an old pattern, STOP; don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the sticky web of matted knots which feed your ‘fear’ ensnaring you and offering you no way out.

Right now collectively, it is important for humanity to STOP, and not give this collective speculation about ‘The Future’ any energy.

FIRSTLY; you will save one of your most precious resources : ENERGY – YOUR ENERGY.

Your energy is your most precious gift. Do not give it away without questioning: WHY am I doing this?

Collectively now it is a challenge and collectively we must feel the power surging through us by taking back that need to ‘buy into’ an old pattern. This old pattern feeds on others patterns and becomes a hurricane which can lead to emotional collapse.

FEELING our own Power, births a NEW COLLECTIVE REMEMBERING. The Vibration of our Personal Space, your Family and Environmental Space LIFTS. It is just as easy to witness yourself before you feed into the storm clouds of the hurricane and OBSERVE your own old patterns.

True leadership is about recognising the daily; sometimes hourly challenge and Birth the New Vibration of REMEMBERING PEACE; instead of chaos.

When you begin to FEEL yourself become fearful; you can bring Power to your Beingness through the power of Sound. Concordant sound activates your cellular memory and entrains it to become Harmonious. Harmonious Sound births your Heart to FEEL SAFE in Remembering. Sound magnifies ALL you are capable of right now, this is time to really ALLOW the magic of LISTENING to SOUND and being BATHED in SOUND Therapies to bring you all you need right now.

You are ALLOWING the Secret Sound of ALL LIFE create with you in Abundance and joy.

Instead of responding to fear; become ATTUNED to LISTENING to a Beautiful SOUND in NATURE or MUSIC, you may like to join a class or session on Sound Therapy, or training in teaching Sound Therapies.

Bring your POWER back to YOUR REMEMBERING; and allow the collective spirit of PEACE to enfold you and our planet.

The Atlantis Rising Mystery School teaches Empowerment Courses in feeling Power and Earthing.


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