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The reality of your life is the knowing—recognizing that you are able to feel in yourself your own unique sense of knowing that you are able to carry Light and Hope for yourself and your world.

You need to feel a Respect for Yourself and all you have Created. Your creations create all that will bring to your world completeness.

To be creative in every endeavour is a very special gift you have as a human being. This creativity and essence will allow much magic to happen in your life right now. Just infuse every cell in your body right now with the essence of your creativity and life force.

The Divinity of who you are, the Absolute Divinity, will allow your world to expand to take in new aspects of yourself. The need to find within yourself brings to your world all that you need for your journey of completeness.

The human experience of immortality now creates much magic and excitement. You are now allowing yourself the “space,” life force, and energy to grow your Truth. This Truth gives you energy and even more life force. Life force grows when you feed your truth, and you feed your truth with your creativity. This creativity and excitement brings just that—a knowing that, as a human being, you are above the mundane and sordid aspects of being human.

This creativity is your passport to immortality; this passport is your truth. Not only must you recognize your own truth, but you must be able to communicate it to others, because it is a sacred gift of trusting in who you are. The Sacredness of your Truth now brings to your world all that you need to journey toward Immortality.

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