Creating from your Quantum Black Heart

Your heart has the biggest energy field of your body and at the center of its center is a point of singularity that is both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It is a doorway within your body to the universal vacuum; a doorway to the infinite.

When your heart unfurls into its fully functioning, awakened, intelligent self, it can come into harmonious resonance with the unified field and you truly can become one with the “field.” This field of oneness has gone by many names, the ether, source, the vacuum, the zero point field, or put quite simply “space,” it permeates all things.

Our physical world that seems so solid to us, our tables, chairs, walls, bodies, everything in our physical manifest world is 99.9999% space. The atoms themselves are 99.9999% space. The interesting thing is that “space” isn’t empty, in fact “space” is incredibly dense, it is so dense that if it were at the same density as space, all the actual matter in our entire known universe would fit into an area of space just 1 cm cubed. This incredibly dense space, permeates ALL things.

We are now coming to a conscious understanding of the workings of this field of “oneness with the all.”

We stand in a timeless time in humanity’s collective consciousness, when the hints left to us by those who attained this knowledge, through the deep intuitive wisdom of our hearts which has been expressed by sages and mystics throughout the ages, is now merging with the current level of scientific knowledge.

As a result of, the breakthrough discoveries and unifying theories of Nassim Haramein, we are for the first time in humanity’s modern history now at a place where the wisdom of our sages and our ancient symbolism is in attunement with our mathematical equations and scientific knowledge.

Every atom in the universe is connected to every other atom in the universe by the very structure of space itself. The 0.00001% of the known universe that isn’t currently thought of as space are the protons, neutrons, and electrons that make up the atomic structure of atoms. The protons and neutrons are within the nucleus of the atom and electrons are in orbit around the nucleus. If we scaled the size of the densest of atoms and made the nucleus of this atom the size ofan apple, the electron orbit would be two football fields in diameter.

The atom itself has a toroidal (doughnut shaped) energy field. The torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in all continuously sustainable systems of nature, in all scales, from the micro-atomic to the macro-galactic. The torus of the atom, embedded in the torus of the cell, embedded in the toroidal energy field of the seed, the human, the tree, etc. are embedded in the energy field of the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe...The toroidal energy field enables the fractal embedding of energy flow.

At the center of the toroidal energy field is a black hole. Black holes are regions of space-time from which gravity is so strong that it prevents light from escaping. The infinity symbol is a cross section of the toroidal vortex. The midpoint of the symbol representing the black hole of contraction, the “still point” at the epicenter of infinity. The universe is an ecological system of renewal. In the energy flow of the toroidal energy field, first we have the gravitational collapse into a black hole, then the expansion, like aiming a jet of water into the sky, then gravity takes hold and the flow is reversed, making an oblong journey to the opposite pole. Then there is a contraction as the energy stream feels the pull of the black hole and is sucked back into it. Then the whole cycle starts again. Expansion and contraction, creation and destruction, there is a constant renewal and regeneration of life. The black hole of contraction accompanied by the white star of expansion, constantly exploding. The cosmos expands and contracts at regular cycles as explained by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita; just like inhalation and exhalation.

Black holes vary in size, from the black hole at the center of the universe and the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, to the tiny black holes that exist within our own cells and energy centers. In our bodies, our hearts generate the biggest toroidal energy field. At the center of the center of the heart’s energy field is the largest black hole found in our body. Within this center, beyond time and space, there is a direct connection with “the all.” Similarly, on a micro scale within the nucleus of atoms, the proton itself is a black hole. It exists as an interface between the source of all, the void, and our physical manifest reality.

Just as each heart carries all the information of all hearts, all protons too are entangled and each proton carries all the information of all protons. Each one of us is directly connected to the entire universe, and can access all of the information within it at any given moment. This is the basic principle of the holographic model of reality, that all of the information present in the whole is also present in all parts of the whole. You contain the entire universe in each one of your atoms.

The still point, the point of singularity, or in Sanskrit, the Bindu, lies at the center of a black hole. This point is both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It is a point that is beyond time and space. This point is within everything and it is your connection to all knowledge. It is the place where spirit washes in and matter takes a dip into the ocean of the spirit. It is where the inside becomes the outside and the smallest of the small opens to the expansive infinite. This place in the heart has been known by many different names in spiritual traditions. It has been called the “eye of the heart,” “secret chamber of the heart,” “tiny place within the heart” and others call it the “sacred chamber” or “the sacred heart.” Whatever name you give it, when you can access this place in the heart, you are in a place of such stillness and peace, you can feel infinity.

Don’t let it bother you if you can’t logically understand the quantum world and the unified field. Even Nobel Prize winning physicist, Niels Bohr said “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” Another of the world’s leading quantum physicists was quoted as controversially saying, “If you think you understand quantum physics, you don’t understand it.” Some quantum concepts like all information being available in allpoints of the field, and that something could be both infinitely small and infinitely dense, can baffle our brains. However, this information is perfectly comprehensible when felt with the heart. Feel this with your heart, don’t try and think of it in a linear way.

Some knowledge must first be felt from within that place within the depths of the heart where the inside of the inside, the smallest of the small becomes the expansion, from that part of your heart that IS the field and knows the truth of things.

The vibration of your heart now beats in resonance with an unknown force. This force brings with it a sense of completeness. There is a feeling now that you are reaching deeply into a part of yourself that only knows one thing, and this is your true ability to trust your own power to create in your world your “Black Heart.” For what is the Black Heart if it is not connected to the source of your primordial power. The raw primordial power will unleash an almighty force of energy, light, and power to you right now.

The Black Heart is an entry point of absoluteness in everything. The absoluteness of everything is in the Black Heart. It is the sum total of your absoluteness. Your absolute point of no return when everything is nothing, and the space of pure nothingness. Complete dissolution is creating in you the purity of your life in all its new forms.

Truly the forms of your life bring you to this space of purity and light for everything. The purity and light for everything in your world creates a space of this absoluteness for you. You must feel this absoluteness before anything can happen. We gravitate toward the black heart when we feel the absoluteness of every living thing. The sense of absoluteness takes you into a space of completeness; complete, the Black Heart completes a cycle in your life.

When you feel a cycle has completed, you rest in the Black Heart of the Mother. Always to return to the Black Heart is to remind you of your own ability to find within yourself what you need—the complete sense of pure nothingness. This sense of pure nothingness brings you to a space of absoluteness again. Feeling this sense of inner stillness now brings you to your own sense of complete and easeful gratitude for who you are.

When we interpret sacred texts and spiritual teachings with the knowledge that black holes are portals to the unified field and that these portals exist at the center of our atoms, at the center of our hearts, at the center of our chakras, our solar system, our galaxy, our universe and also that this unified field permeates all things, then there is a deeper, more experiential understanding of the ancient scriptures and spiritual texts.

“The first peace which is the most important, is that, which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the great spirit and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

~Black Elk

The sacred heart is a portal direct to source. When you enter the portals of your heart, you have access to the great wisdom and teachings that are there for you, and you can regain the dimensions of intelligence that cannot be learned by the mind.

These dimensions of intelligence can be learned by experiencing the secrets of secrets, your heart’s sacred chamber. Each time we surrender to our truth, more wisdom, more power, and greater love is revealed to us.

Heart I Love You.


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