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Who do you need to RELEASE from your Life?

The Red Room Visualization;  this powerful visualisation will help you release all authority figures you have given your power away to.   Support your new creative life now.

Before you begin the following visualization exercise, it is important to give yourself space, free from your mind. Be aware of your breath;  Connect to your Heart through your  Breath; breathing in Deeply; Powerfully; Rhythmically.

The Red Room Visualization

Your old lodging house of fears needs release. The first door through the gateway to your absolute Divine Truth can leave you feeling empty. Do not concern yourself. This is normal. Observe over the next 24 hours any dreams and listen to your body telling you just what this energy centre is doing to you.

In this visualization try and see yourself in the Red Room. The Red Room is any shade you can imagine. You may also feel black or any dark colour. Just see yourself in this space receiving clearing and energy from this space. This space is in the Base Chakra. You can call it “The Red Room.”

I am now in the “Red Room.”

Stay here for as long as you need and request that The Keepers of The Mysteries of the Divine Feminine be made available to you for clearing.

Just request that this be taking place now.

“I request that The Keepers of The Mysteries clear from my cellular memory, all memories, events, traumas located in my Red Room.”

Now see which Keeper operates on you.

Bring your consciousness to your Red Room. You are at your Base Chakra in your Red Room, the Self-Nurturing centre.

For the next 24 hours honour yourself and carefully diarize exactly where you may have been feeling vulnerable in areas which relate to core security in your life.  You need to really examine and attend to any emotional reactions that spring from this relationship you’re developing with yourself.

This exercise may make you feel empty and alone. You may not like the feeling of being alone in this space. You may feel very vulnerable as though something is going to leap out behind the black curtains you have placed around your Red Room. Your Red Room could be seen as a stage. You may see yourself lying on a healing table feeling alone, like waiting for an operation to begin. It feels very empty. Lack of security means aloneness, emptiness for you in the Red Room of your Base Chakra.

Clear all your energy centre rooms regularly. Go into your Red Room and stay there for as long as you wish and bring to yourself your truth. Re-create your Red Room over a 24-hour period for as long as you need to bring clearing and peace to this space.

Offer The Keepers a small gift for healing you in your Red Room. (A gift of rose and musk oil anointed on your hands and lower body.)

The creative life, which develops from your relationship with yourself, will really begin to take off.  Your creativity is your sacred self, expressing itself and your creative self is kept trapped in your base chakra.

If you are suppressing yourself for the sake of security through others, this is a time to free the creative self and really explore your passion for release here. There may be a need to feel the power and force of the Sa Sekhem Sahu (the Ancient Egyptian term for the Kundalini) or Kundalini energy awaken in you, this force is also known as the spirit of fire, the serpent of creation.

Your base chakra is the foundation for everything that you experience because all life cannot take form without this centre humming. Feel the energy of it humming gently in your body right now. The hum and throb of it creates in you a resonance with your primordial instinctual power and the great Sa Sekhem Sahu is awakened.

Be very gentle with yourself. Don’t bring too much visualization to this experience of awakening the Kundalini until you are ready. Be alive to the energy of transformation. This is your transforming time.

Awakening the humming centre can be a dangerous exercise for some, so you must be aware of the forces you will unleash as you unveil the most sacred of centres, the base chakra.

Breathe now into the Earth and take the energy down to the core of the Earth and be anchored first.




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