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How do you Protect your Heart from Emotional Scenarios.

When you undergo rapid change in your life, you need to feel that your heart is safe and kept quietly in a space of great care.
Where would you put your heart if you had to undergo a great deal of intense emotion in your life? 
Just imagine now, going about your daily life, knowing you are not subject to emotional agendas you place on yourself over all the events occurring in your daily life.
Your dialogue can begin like this: “Today, as I am going about my day I know that my heart is in a safe and trusted space.”
Right now, where would you “drop your heart?”  (rather like dropping off a child, pet or elderly person to a trusted carer)
Feel your heart responding to your question: “Heart, where do you want to be left today?” 
Imagine now just dropping your heart down into the core of the Earth; leaving your heart in the safe hands of “Grandmother ” Earth is the most grounding thing you can do for your heart right now.
Just feeling your heart now sinking, down, down, down, like an anchor, into the core of the Earth.
Really feel your heart sinking, drifting into the depths of the oceans, or down to the fiery core of the Earth.
When you  really feel your heart has come home to the Earth you are going to ask Earth Mother to bless your human heart, and feel the solidity and density safe in the core of the Earth.
Earth Mother is the carer of your earth heart.
When you know Mother has your child, your heart, you can truly feel safe as a human.
Humans need to feel safe and nurtured, and the essence of safety is in acknowledging the healer of Earth Mother will support you in everything that you do.
Often as humans we don’t feel human because we let the emotions rule.
Why do we give so much attention to our emotions? Why do we risk our heart being over stimulated, and stopping it from maturing?
There are emotionally laden heart’s not able to grow and mature because of emotions out of control .
When you begin to prune your emotions every day, your heart will not choke on emotional debris. 
Allow yourself to really feel your emotions, from this new space of a truth filled heart.
The truth filled heart is grown up because it has disciplined itself to drop anchor deep into the core of the Earth’s heart, while you deal with all the “emotional scenarios” you place on yourself through others and your mind.
When you are going through rapid change in your life, you must make a decision where to place your heart.
Feel now the heart beat of Earth Mother’s heart in your heart now, as you give yourself a chance to “mature” your heart.
Fruit matures and ripens. All of life responds to your new view of your maturing and ripening of self, your immortal intelligent heart. 
Heart I Love you,
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