Become the SEEKER of your Own HEART’S Jigsaw Puzzle

To explore the totality of our humanness is like looking at a Jigsaw puzzle with the complete picture and saying, I want to know exactly how I can make the Scene with the thousands of Jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered all over the space and assembling them piece by piece, until I have the Total Picture.

At a large public library I observed the interaction of people with a large Jigsaw Puzzle that was laid out for everyone to spend time putting it together; you could spend hours or even just 5 minutes to find One Piece to complete the big mosaic that is forming the Greater Picture. An elderly man assisted a four year old child to find one piece before the little guy happily flew off to his next adventure in the library. Some people stayed a long time (hours) others do just a little and came back daily.

This fascinating interaction between everyone for a Common Group Project in a public library, reinforces the extraordinary capacity we all have to share with each other a missing piece of our own jigsaw puzzle; the puzzle of being human.

Look every day in your own world, for you own support team to guide you through the labyrinth of existence. Sometimes we all feel like a four year old; darting from one mind based distraction to another, rarely searching within for why we took a life and began the human journey.

Common Group Projects, connect us to the ONE HEART and we are a big ONE HEART family; each trying to solve the puzzle. Look for small and not so small ways to seek assistance. By tuning into your vast jigsaw puzzle your INTELLIGENT HEART and asking it:

“What do we need today? This hour? This minute to find the lost fragment of our Hearts Totality?’

Turn to the jigsaw puzzle; “YOUR SELF” and remember the lost fragments can only be found with Clear Framed Intent, and a willingness to Seek Help with humility and reverence for kind hearted people to support you.

The human journey is fraught with perils; sticky traps and webs, which interfere with the Big Picture. Ask yourself:

“How can I support my Heart’s totality today?” 

“I Now EXPECT MIRACLES, I Now Give ALL LOVE and ALL TRUTH for my Miracles to Manifest. I am GRATEFUL.”

The little guy at the library showed all these skills when he surrendered to the elderly man to support him in his level of consciousness to find the piece of his Hearts Totality in making the puzzle.

Become the Miracle of the Mysteries and allow this message from The Keepers of The Mysteries to guide you:

To trust in them is going to be your truth, and your challenge. Your truth and your challenge are to trust them and to allow them into your life. You are truth made manifest with them, and you are very aware now of their sacred presence all around you if you have journeyed so far into yourself so far in reading this transmission. Your challenge now, that you are aware of their presence, is to live their truth in your life, and allow yourself your belief in your own ability to think outside the square and become multidimensional in your thinking.

You have a “problem.” Every day there is a “problem.” Every hour there is a “problem”; your culture and belief patterns create problems in you. One way of acknowledging old karmas coming to the surface is to say to yourself:

“When I have a problem, I am dealing with old karmas and cultural belief patterns.”

Good: This is a board game.

You know where you are starting from, i.e. I have a problem with my tax bill, I have a problem with my disobedient child, I have a problem with my lover who is not faithful to me. The list is endless.

Try now, listing your current problems. List them one by one, and see now clearly how you are dealing with them. How am I dealing with this problem?

1) What karma is involved? Poverty consciousness, relationship/ abandonment/ betrayal, disease/emotional/physical/spiritual, self worth?

2) What are my (or society’s) belief patterns around this problem?

3) What are my personal subconscious fears around this issue or problem?

By listing all the obstacles, one by one, you are unravelling all the patterns of belief around your fear or problem. Good, you know what you are dealing with.

This list is demonstrating how your past pattern has dealt with the problem.

Now, you say, I will look at all those negatives; list them, one by one. Wow, what a way of dealing with a problem, piling on all those negatives. This is not a good start to solving your problem. Wrap up all the obstacles now, (do it physically, like wrapping a parcel) and go to The Keepers, and hand all the problem/obstacles to The Keepers now. They will take it now, and show you a new way of looking at solving your life problems.

The riddle of being human is the riddle of creation itself. The riddle of yourself is to observe yourself as you play out your own games you have constructed in your awareness of yourself. You need to feel the energy, life force and magic of oneness with yourself as you begin the spiral dance of creation. If the riddle of being human is the riddle of creation itself, “why” you ask, are you so confused all the time? “Why is there no linear straight line to being human?” It appears like a jungle and you have to watch for unseen enemies all the time.

Your enemies are always your fears as you struggle against unseen forces everywhere. You now need to feel the connection with the great mother, who creates all. She is one with you now as you journey inward on your spiral dance. Your life now is one of creation with the unseen forces of creation. All of life is a test of invisible forces to leave you fearful and broken or healed and rejuvenated. All struggles, enemies and fears are really friends. You need now to witness any struggle and just allow it to be your friend, not your enemy. The very second you see yourself as having opposition, you create fear in you, and you set up barriers which stop you from creating with the forces that have created the barrier anyway. In other words, you can create with the forces you “see” as being destructive. They are only forces; your fear gives them power against you.

How can you make you ‘Scene’ complete if you don’t see the Total Picture?

Check in with the great Mother; she knows!

Heart I love you All.



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