Why is the human HEART more powerful than the Brain?

When we begin to discover the mysteries of the human heart we can go no further than witness how the ancient Egyptians viewed the heart.

The most studied relief FOUND in Egypt  called “The Last  Judgement”  shows the  deceased’s HEART being weighted against a feather by Anubis, the jackal -head God of the underworld.  Where was the BRAIN?  The brain was no use for the deceased in the afterlife, only the Heart. The brain matter was disposed of.

The 9th century Arabic philosopher Abu Nash Al Farabi, believed that “the ruling organ in the human body is the heart”  whilst all religions base their teachings from the hearts wisdom.  The Ancients innately and intuitively knew of the power of the hearts intelligence long before science was able to prove it.

Rollin McCraty Phd  one of the original founders and directors of research of the ground-breaking Hearth Math Institute Santa Cruz, CA  says, “the biggest hidden source of stress on the planet is the disorganisation of heart/mind causing lack of resonance. Lack of alignment, eats the life force and happiness out of humanity.”

There are many techniques on how to  align the heart with the mind? ( Refer Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart )  McCraty States there is “an  intimate relationship between our hearts and earth mother’s primary resonance.”  The research suggests the earth’s primary resonance is 1hrz, the same as the human coherent heart, and these new studies are finding the human heart rhythms synchronise to earth’s resonance frequency to a degree no one ever thought possible.

This evidence shows a  powerful connection between humanity and  Earth Mother through Sound Resonance.

Earth Mother is a Force, which we witness  daily through our weather, and the cycles of nature.  If we begin to trust in her Force and consciously allowing our heart rhythms synchronise to her we will feel peace, order, and reduced stress in our daily life.

Earth Mother invites  us to “trust in the Force” and activate it consciously now. This is a very powerful time in your  earth’s history right now and the Forces must be balanced. The forces of evil which come through fear and greed must be balanced against the power of the Forces managed through the Mother’s heart.”  (reference The Final Secret )

If you allow yourself to send loving, kind, compassionate thoughts to Earth Mother’s heart, you will be trusting in Her Force through her Elements’ . This Force is called “the Serpent Energy”.  Scientists describe  this force as “magnetic field lines.”

Sound therapy is so important for the organisation of the heart mind to take place as sound activates Cellular Remembering by displacing the vast mind intelligence so the remembering can be accessed. (similar to retrieving a lost file) 

Pure Crystalline Intelligence through Earth Mother’s rare and high grade earth minerals  can be summoned to be programmed to activate cellular memory for our heart rhythms to synchronise with her heart bringing peace etc to us now through high grade singing bowls.

The Ancient Egyptians knew heart, mind, earth resonance. Their Temples were Initiation, Sound and Healing Temples, aligned to Stellar and Earth Forces creating powerful Sound Resonance; their gem encrusted reliefs pictorial representational forces through Crystalline Intelligence, and sound bring peace balance and justice. 

May ‘the Force’ of Earth Mother’s Heart be with you. 

Hearts I love you all.



Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart a Blue Print for Living in the NOW. – Carmel  Glenane.

The Final Secret –   Carmel Glenane



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