Our HEARTS are truly Magical Intelligences and must never be overlooked when opening up to New Opportunities.

I was fasanitated to see this diagram of the Human Anatomy where the HEART is positioned within two intersecting circles to the lift side of the body, replicating 23.4 x 2 corresponding to the sacred geometric tilt of the Earth. (diagram above)

Why our Hearts positioned this way; ie. Left side of the body can be explained through the geometry of our Earth grid lines.

If you conduct an experiment on yourself and your Heart by gazing at the diagram; Now Visualise your Heart being positioned exactly where the circles intersect in the diagram and allowing your Consciousness to take in the diagram FULLY FOCUSING on the Exact replication of the Angles 23.4 and then SENDING LOVING INTENTIONS; PULSING LOVE into your Heart by saying: “HEART I Love you”.With your INTENT firmly focused on your desired outcome (Health. Relationship, Career etc) for a few minutes.

THEN FEELING the ENERGY go to EARTH MOTHER (shift your gaze to the diagram of the Earth) now, SEND the FOCUSED LOVING Energy to Earth Mother; you will be aligning your Hearts Consciousness to the SOURCE ENERGY of ALL, birthing your ONE HEART.

This is HEART MAGIC 23.4!

Become a Heart Magician and attune to the ‘Art of The Heart’ by PULSING LOVE into your HEART with your Framed INTENT. However, the important and necessary ingredient is the EARTH itself. (like baking a cake – getting the dry ingredients ready first) Get you dry ingredients the Earth together; by stating: “Earth Mother; Heart I Love You”; then state your Miracle to your home, Earth and allow your Consciousness to become ONE with the Living Intelligence of Earth Mother.

You have become you own Sacred Geometry Heart Magician.

PULSE LOVE into ALL your creations and bake your Heart I Love You cake.

You can have your magical Heart Magic 23.4 cake and eat it too!

Heart I Love you ALL, Carmel.

REFERENCE: IMAGE- WELCOME to The Golden Page: https://www.facebook.com/WelcometotheGoldenPAge/posts/1166359853507276

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