Are you Consciously Activating your Hearts SENSES?

Your senses activate your intelligent, loving heart. The five primary senses relate to the elements and to the energy belts of the body. Determining the sense your heart resonates with most strongly helps to awaken your intelligent heart.

When you activate your heart’s senses you have a fully intelligent, fully awakened heart to love.

The five primary sensory perceptions of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell are the doorways through which we experience the outside world. They are our body’s way of making “sense” of the world. Our inner thoughts and feelings are very much influenced by what our sensory experience is at any given moment. What we think and how we feel are quite often a response or reaction to what our five senses are telling us. What you are touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling to a large extent determines what you will be thinking and how you will feel. Psychologists aptly refer to the sensations as the raw materials of mental activities.

The senses have the power to bring us into the present moment and to the intelligence of the heart. Being conscious of our sensory experience brings our awareness into the present moment. Realizing and being conscious of your heart’s ability to truly sense, to actually see, taste, touch, hear, and smell, awakens your heart’s intelligence.

The heart itself has sensory perceptions; it can sense and feel. Within the nervous system of the heart there are tens of thousands of sensory neurites. These neurites are tiny projections from neurons. Neurons are the nerve cells that are the basic building blocks of the nervous system. They are highly specialized to transmit information throughout the body. There are different types of neurons; there are motor neurons that transmit information to the muscles, interneurons that transfer information between different neurons in the body and sensory neurons that receive information from the sensory receptors. Sensory receptors (neurites) exist in the tens of thousands within the heart. They perceive sensory information coming into the heart from the outside world and from within the body. The heart translates the feelings and sensations into neurological impulses and processes the information internally. Once it has processed the information, the heart communicates this with the cerebral brain and sends the information to it.1

By bringing your awareness to your heart, with the knowing that your heart has the sensory neurites to truly perceive sensations, you awaken your heart’s intelligence.

Ask yourself:

What am I seeing now? What am I touching now? What do I smell now? What am I hearing now? What do I taste now?

Be aware of the sensations you are experiencing right now. Simply experience and appreciate what your current sensory perceptions are. As well as sensing with your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin, allow your consciousness to become aware also of what your heart is sensing.

The sensory organs, the eyes, the ears, the skin, the nose, and the tongue transmit only a particular array of the available sensory information. Our eyes can only process information from the visible range of light, a rather narrow band within the electromagnetic spectrum. The remainder of the spectrum, the longer wavelength, lower frequency signals of infrared, microwaves, and radio waves are invisible to us. As are the higher frequency, shorter wavelength signals of ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Our ears perceive only a fraction of the range of sound waves. Sound waves are measured in Hertz (Hz), the number of vibrations per second. Human ears can decode sound waves of between about 20 vibrations per second and 20,000 Hz. Tones between 4 and 16 Hz are beyond the range of normal human hearing, but can be perceived by the body’s sense of touch. Many animals hear, see, smell, and “sense” things that humans cannot. Dolphins emit high frequency waves of up to 150,000 vibrations per second for echolocation and also make lower frequency sounds that can travel farther for social communication; these are around 75Hz and are audible to humans.2

Your heart is truly your oracle and the essence of oracular ship is a fully awakened and intelligent heart. This is the gift to yourself right now.

The frequency of this love just grows and grows. Feeling this love grow and grow feeds light into your aura. Your aura becomes bathed in incandescent light, a beacon of power, light, and energy. This power, light, and energy embrace the one heart. The heart of universal knowing, allowing this heart to bring you all you need, shows you that you are capable of feeling the mystery of oneness in everything. This oneness is contributing to your overall well being. A sense of joy-filled abundance becomes yours, and you are now attaching to a part of yourself that only knows love, strength, and power.

All around you are examples of this living oracular ship. The world of perfect love is to live in harmony with the essence of all around you. The essence of love brings the mystery right into your consciousness. When love grows in your heart, your consciousness expands to take in even more light. This light allows for the mystery to unfold and you become a living oracle. Feeling this allows for the special magic and oneness to embrace you. You become one with the mystery and the mystery is yourself. This is your time to really allow this magic to become one with you. You are love.

Heart I Love You…


REFERENCES: my book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart.


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