Manifest your 2015 goals through The Heart of ancient Egypt’s Magikal Tradition

When you consider the universes are made up of over 80% empty space, its extraordinary from this perspective how much knowledge can be contained in this great “seemingly empty” void.

As humans we are able to access this space and draw on it’s energy to renew and bring new life – physically (i.e.conception) but any new project, relationship, (even renew an existing one)
As we open the doorway to our collective New Year, you may like to consider what you want to manifest on your blank canvas in the universes.

The Ancient Egyptians through their powerful magikal tradition were able to harness these forces and control them to build their extraordinary cilivization. Many thousands of years later, we are still in awe of their secrets and “power” to create a world based on the Law of Maat. – “Justice” –

Why not pretend that YOU are writing your shopping list of manifestations for the coming year on a huge blank ‘black’ canvas drawing on the manifestable energy in the universes. Last Full Moon our group manifested grids for their year ahead, imagining ‘the black heart’ of infinity itself. We linked our ‘black heart’ and mother earth’s ‘black heart’, drawing 3 infinity symbols and focusing on the centre of the three symbol, creating the energy for the grids.

In my book “Awakening The Intelligent Heart” you can read the research where science calls this space ‘the Bindu’, the point of singularity, or the point of no return.

Beginning right now, allow yourself to draw on the secrets of the ancient Egyptian magikal tradition, and become “High Magikians”! Manifesting all your heart desires.

There was one very important rule for manifestation to be learned by the Ancient Egyptian magikal tradition.
The Magikian could only perform magik if he/she was a truth seeking person having a pure heart.

Open your heart to your potential. Fill your heart with self love, and begin your infinity manifestation grid now, on that huge “empty” night sky….
“Heart I Love You”

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Heart I Love you,  Carmel.



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  1. Emma O'Connell

    Dear Carmel,
    Your new blog is very interesting in content, and certainly makes the reader eager to explore issues in depth. Your graphics and the colour pages are great, I would however encourage you to make the black print pages a little more defined, so that your wonderful information and advice become easy to read.
    Overall it looks fantastic and so do you, particularly in that white dress.
    Love from Emma

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