Do your thoughts create your reality?

“You play on the stage created by your thoughts.”
Dr. Kirby Suprise. American Psychologist.
When I read this quote from Dr. Kirby, I became active in observing my “thoughts” in a very real way, and pondering “where” they actually come from.
These thoughts which keep “popping up” in my head.

Focusing on thoughts in a reality which presents us with so much stimuli is a challenge in itself. The thought vanishes before it is “earthed” and can take root because other thoughts constantly compete and dominate.
Oh Dear, its just too much trying to manifest as my thought patterns (there is so much going on in my head) keep re-arranging themselves in our heads constantly.

The last week I have had students and clients in highly mentally demanding corporate positions, feeling total despair and melt down, powerless in a workplace with so many O.C. D. (Obsessive Complusive Disorder) colleagues, and bosses with the labelling of O. C. D. of others around them in relation to their helplessness.

Seven years ago a friend in L. A. told me, she has stopped watching T. V., removing it from her environment. (A challenge with her four kids, living in an entertainment movie city) She lives a demanding life. She completely re-invented herself after this dis-connection from stimuli, through this form of media.
I felt so empowered by her determination to make time for herself that in 2008 I did the same. (the local Op. shop received the gift of my two T.V.s)

The difference to my world in focusing my thoughts on what was important (writing, meditating, yoga etc ) in my “Spare” time, gives me so much more focus, direction, and peace disconnecting from this extra load of stimuli.
You may like to do a quick checklist……
How many times a day, are you tempted to gaze at facebook feeds, instantly responding to others time on ‘your’ most precious resource?
Create a list of media stimuli, eg. instagram, F/B, T. V., Radio, youtube downloads etc.
Unplug from these, and plug into the reality of your hearts intelligence.

We live in a “results driven” culture. So, get the results from all the hard work you do on yourself!!!! Train those “demanding kids in your head” to behave, with “disobedient” behaviour being punished.

I love this quote from my book “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart”
….”Know there will always be a resistance, challenge this resistance, and you must allow yourself the knowledge that “you” are now in command of your life. Your mind will always be there, just accept this as the challenge of being human.”….

By charting your Mind Stimuli and collating it, begin bargaining with your “Disobedient mind” stopping the addiction we place on ourselves to distract our true selves, our “fully awakened intelligent hearts” from Receiving the Love we deserve to grow.

What character are you playing on the stage of your thoughts?

The Blonde, The Brunette, or the Revengeful Redhead (grateful thanks to my friend. Monete Lee, Aust. Actress, who played these characters superbly on Stage in this “One Woman” play..)
Your new heart is waiting.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.

REFERENCES: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart



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