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Every human on the planet from the richest to the poorest; from the greatest spiritual guru to the darkest human all only want to be loved.

They are craving for recognition. Recognition from the source of “self” love; not through other people; brings the greatest and most almighty power to you.

The greatest living energy is the power of the individual to love “themselves,” completely.

You are witnessing now the birth of yourself in a truth-filled way, one of complete acceptance of yourself in this new form. This new form has encoded complete love and truthfulness in it.

Complete love and truthfulness brings order, peace and love. Order, peace and love are the catalyst for the expression of all there is. The expression of all there is brings to you the essence of every living thing. The essence of every living thing lives in this energy. This life force and this power bring with it magic, magic, magic.

Magic brings the sense of power, light and “All Truth” is the magical ingredient, as it balances out the heart’s emotional yearning to be loved by someone outside yourself.

Now try and imagine a world where you could live completely lovingly, abundantly and truthfully without the need for love outside yourself. There is no craving, no longing, just a simple knowing that love from this source is available and ready to enter and create with you all you need right now!

* Truth is the Masculine Activator to the heart’s feminine need to experience love.

* “All Truth” is just listening to my “All Love” heart and delivering the goods.

* We must always honour the need for truth in our lives, by monitoring all cries for help.

See, hear, taste, touch and smell right now with your heart’s senses opened, your call to “All Truth” to bring you to this state of absoluteness in love.

Right now the embodiment of “All Truth” is a gift you can freely receive, because energy is not being directed to an object, outside yourself.

Your freedom now becomes connected to source energy of “All Truth.” Creating with this source energy is your complete acceptance of this magical power source.

For in feeling this magical power source you are opening up unbelievably to the world of power, power like an electrical transmitter energy source.

Just for one day try living without emotional craving for love, from the source outside yourself.

Heart I Love you,


REFERENCE: Embodying the Divine Masculine of All Truth through The High Priest.


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