Emotional Sustainability

When we begin to examine “why” we are here, (ie when we begin to tap into universal consciousness) rather than “me” .. only “me” first, there comes an epiphany!
This is the moment of realisation that we are not alone, and so many other intelligences are co-creating with us and supporting our journey as well.
This is emotional sustainability which must be our first priority. When this point of social, personal evolution takes place there is an overwhelming need to consider ourselves as part of a giant system of intricate energy intelligences.
Talking to ‘Mother Earth’ daily and asking “her” how she can help you, and in turn asking her what she needs is co-creative sustainability.
‘Mother Earth’ is the most powerful intelligence, and like all “Mothers” has her rhythms and cycles.  She renews, destroys and creates.
What lies under your feet, are powerful ancient intelligences through the mineral and other kingdoms who will willingly assist those “on top” to make the surface more friendly for the “inmates”.
For this is what we on the surface really are, just a tiny moment in time, in a galaxy which throbs to the universal heart.
When your ‘Mother’ – your Earth, as a living presence, with a giant heart and intelligence supporting all her children there comes a most incredible moment, where “time” seems to stop.  Experiencing it and being in the sacred presence of ‘Mother Earth’ daily, hourly, if in need, is the most earthing thing you can do.
You become an ‘Earthling’, rather than a human as your consciousness is in alignment with Mother Earth.
Take some time every day to “earth”, take yourself deep, deep, into Her great core, her black heart.
Talk to Her, share your problems and ask Her what you can do for Her and you are living sustainably.
All Love and All Truth, Heart I Love You,

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