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Freedom to Receive…

To create from a space of real understanding of the Forces available to assist you invites you to partake in the true understanding of ‘what is out there’ to create with you…

A Magician,  Masters Forces; as the correct measurements are weighed, selected and Intent Established.  The Sacred Alchemy begins…

Not only are Forces Activated, they are Summoned for the task of your creation.

What are YOU creating right now?

Choosing carefully your creation, activates your Intent and your Creative force begins through the Elements to create the desired result.

Separate your Intent into tiny particles; IE. Break down the Intent and create a space within the Intent to examine minutely what the result of the Intent will bring you.

IE: A healthy life, brings me freedom to live on Earth in a way which gives me the ability to cherish my truth, to be of greater service to myself and humanity to Receive Love.  This invites the Highest Vibrating Forces to assist you.

For this Intent to manifest, you must create from only the Best Ingredients in your cake of life, to receive the desired result.

If the Intent is to be Healthy; invite your Intelligent Heart to create through its sources, the most powerful synchronicities, events, circumstances etc. to bring the preferred events etc. for your Intent.

  • Visualize on your Vision board of INTENT in the Centre of your Heart, creating through your FIVE Primary SENSES; Colouring in the Details; Feeling your Intelligent Heart being involved in the process gives you additional support to really begin the Fun and Joy of creating together..
  • Taking your Consciousness to your Heart for any Intent invites the Forces to create through your Elements of the Heart.
  • Now Visualize your oven, the Earth herself.  Your cherished Intent must go down into Earth Mothers oven to bake in her ingredients. 
  • Imagine both you and your Intelligent Heart Activating, the Intent through Earth Mothers Elements, Forces and Crystalline Intelligence Beings, allowing her Sacred shared Force for you, her child on Earth, to Receive the Very Best Life on Earth.  She wants this for you so very much…

Begin to Cherish Yourself enough to want the Very Best your life offers you and know All Mother at some level want their children on Earth to be Creative Magicians. 

RECEIVE the Harvest your Magical cake brings you… Enjoy and Share…

Heart I Love you All.