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5 Ways to Connect to The Divine Feminine…and Why You Want to….

The Divine Feminine acknowledges you as a Being of total integration of All your Selves…  

The Divine Feminine is acknowledging the HEART, as the Source Energy for your totality, with its Intelligence Guiding you…

The FIRST way to Connect to the Divine Feminine is to acknowledge the importance of the MOON… To Connect to the Moon through her phases; as they are a Cyclical Natural Phenomenon…One that occurs every month. 

  • The Moon is Magnetic and creates Magnetism in you.  Her vibration is immediate in your life, as your Divine Feminine births true Magical Powers, which are fully manifested through Moon Rituals in her various phases.
  • The reason for bringing the Divine Feminine energies through the Moon phases, is it helps with Heart Scars; bringing unresolved losses to the surface and releasing them.  
  • You will manifest more powerfully, as there is no past to stop you.  Your body will be charged with Magnetic Elemental Electrical Power, bringing Rejuvenation and Youth.

The SECOND way to Connect to the Divine Feminineis to acknowledge your Current Reality… is based on your Past Patterns… and to Allow yourself as a Divinely Feminine person to discover an Immortal New way of life…

  • This new reality cannot dictate its Past on you.  You are an Immortal Being having an experience in a human body.   This requires SURRENDER; knowing that a decision you may be making is based on Past Experiences and belief patterns.
  • By viewing your totality as a Divinely Feminine Immortal One, you open new pathways creating and allowing Magical possibilities to manifest all the time.
  • You are living the Divinely Feminine way, just NOW You, no Past.

The THIRD way to Connect to the Divine Feminineis to acknowledge Magical Happenings in your day. 

  • The Divine Feminine is a Magical way of Being, because it acknowledges presences; such as the Goddess Isis (ancient Egyptian Goddess of Magic) are there to help you create Magic throughout your day.  
  • The Divine Feminine acknowledges Joy and Magic.  Magic is not separate from you; it’s inside all of us and acknowledging a Divinely Feminine way of Being human is to Expect Magical Happenings all day; every day. 
  • A Magical person is Divinely Feminine because she/he acknowledges this is a Gift she/he has inside them. To acknowledge Magical happenings is to be Magical to ALL in your world.

The FOURTH way to Connect to the Divine Feminine is to feel completeness in allowing yourself to spiral into the jigsaw of being human.  It is the Mystery of life and the true Mystery of the Goddess within.

  • The Divine Feminine is to Feel the Joy and Love of the Mysteries, as Living energies and to see yourself as the One of Every Living Thing…  The Divine Feminine invites this creation to be part of you.
  • To want to feel part of the One of Every Living Thing is to acknowledge that you are Never Alone and the Divinely Feminine Shining Ones are always with you in any situation…

The FIFTH way of Connection to the Divine Feminine is to Acknowledge earth mother as a Being of great Power and Love for you.  Earth Mother takes care of ALL her children who Promise SERVICE to Her… 

  • Earth Mother knows you have come to Earth to activate Karmas; transmuting them to find the ability to LOVE…
  • The ability to RECEIVE through Earth Mother is your greatest GIFT to Yourself, as it acknowledges you take RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening to you…
  • Everyone wants to feel Safe and Protected; by honouring Earth Mother Every Day; and Offering DEVOTION, you are witnessing yourself truly create and become a Multidimensional Divinely Feminine Being

By Reflecting on the FIVE ways to RECLAIM your lost Divine Feminine Remembering; you can begin to tap into a world which offers PEACE; HOPE and RENEWAL in a chaotic world. 

Heart I Love you,