As we are always being told to “get grounded”; I feel its time to really begin to understand what The Earth and her secrets can reveal to us at this time, for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Self Sustainability.

Earth Mother is an Ancient Being of incredible Power and Light; surrendering to ‘her’ home must be our first priority when asking to help solve the incredible wave of fear and hatred of what we are truly here for.

As I witness stories from Teachers, Light Workers etc. proposing everything from ‘Magic Boxes’ coming from other civilisations waiting to help us; to the vast number of conspiricy theories, I feel we can drop into the pandemic of NON Responsibility. (ie. the cavalery is coming!) Well, everyone, it is OUR Responsibility, right now to STOP letting anyone else take care of us (including other civilisations) unless we can demonstrate a real understanding of why we are here in the First place. ie: How did I get myself into this mess?

As we are ‘On Earth’, she must provide us with the source answer. We all choose to come here, for only one reason and that is to RECEIVE LOVE. This means simply opening our Hearts to RECEIVE the simple GIFTS we are being given daily.

Earth Mother will help us if we surrender to her Force to support ALL LIFE on her home.

To ‘Get Grounded’ is one thing; to EARTH is another!

The sense of Earthing and surrendering to Earth Mother must be your first act of Love for Yourself.

Invite yourself now to STOP and ponder the vast complexity of what lies under your FEET! The incredible wave of fear will dissipate, because you have your answers. ALLOW The Forces of Earth Mothers Elements, her vast network of underground ley lines and matrices (her Serpent Lines); the Intelligence of her Minerals, Metals, Rare Earth & Precious Gems speak to you.

How do they do this? They are able to access our Cellular Memory through the Seven Primary Mineral Structure Types each one of us is composed of. ie: A Cube Structural Type will have a Personality and Lifestyle to accompany it. Each human has One of the Seven Geometric Structures which attract to the Minerals under The Earth. Therefore, if you are a Cube or Hexagonal or Trigonal lifestyle, there will be Minerals, Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gems, Diamond Rings etc. which are vibrating to Your Cells, helping you become Emotionally, Physically and Spriitually Self Sustainable.

Let The Force of what lies under your feet birth you now.

Earth Mother is our Greatest Teacher; Confidant and Friend. However, she has one condition: Do you want to be of Service to Her?!

Heart I Love you All.



The Final Secret 

Crystal Power Crystal Healing – Michael Gienger


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