The Cyclical Journey – Endings and Beginnings

We need to be ruthless with our own resistance when we are confronted with an ending. It is very important to be totally ruthless with your own resistance here; be totally ruthless.

Feeling yourself deep in the tomb of your remembered self, facing yourself against the enemy of yourself against the true beauty and power of your gleaming heart, a true portal, of remembering. You are slithering around in the underworld if you do not strike out against your own silent killer, against the hearts truth; it’s love and intelligence to create a magical miraculous life for you.

When you begin to recognise the silent killer the essence of this remembering is being encoded on you for the absoluteness in the remembering right now.

Feel the power; the essence and mighty intelligence of your heart speak to you through this enemy of remembering – yourself, now. When we encode this remembering on ourselves we are able to witness ourselves self sabotage our hearts mighty intelligence to speak to us.

The energy of remembering your hearts truth brings you to the power to create in your world the essence of all you ever were. Your heart is a portal to infinity: it is the only organ in your body, which is a portal and your recognising of your power to create with it as a portal.

The portal to infinity is your heart; time is cyclical forever renewing itself. This is time to really resurrect your hearts remembering as a portal and allow yourself this “remembering”.

Right now you are witnessing your extraordinary capacity to see the heart for what it is, a portal of remembering. You are allowing this power to bring you all you need right now to trust the forces of remembering to create with you brings you to a state of acceptance of all there is.

The state of acceptance of all there is, allows the energy of all life to create with you. All of life is a creative energising process.

You are witnessing your own river of life widen in the portal, of the ocean and the primordial depth of the seas and the underworld.
By allowing all life to create with us, we witness ourselves creating with the special magic the portal to infinity brings.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.




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