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Deep Allowance…

To discover what we need at this level of ALLOWANCE invites a personal discovery of really what we actually ALLOW ourselves to RECEIVE…

The blocks create chasms between the dream of ever Allowing ourselves the almighty gift of saying: “What is it I am not letting myself allow”

To create this NEW CONSCIOUSNESS is not daydreaming or fantasying….

It is a Solid Deep; Deep; Inner process to discover where the blocks of Self Abuse lay stored; hidden beneath the layers and layers of conditioning we place on ourselves emotionally; culturally and historically. (ie: family patterns or stored belief patterns)

To say:

  • “What is it that I am not allowing in my life that is going to benefit my heart’s truth?”

 It is as simple as asking your Heart’s Intelligence, this question:

  • “What am I not allowing to forward myself in my totality now?”

Your heart has your soul’s blueprint and can scan past karmas; accessing hidden secret belief patterns you have created; as a mask; not to deepen your hearts remembered truth.  Accessing information to create Allowance at this depth.

As we chart our course for the coming year and beyond; let us ALLOW ourselves access through the ancients; the Wisdom Keepers; those who Keep Records of our soul’s incarnation in a human life; let us Stop and truly ask in Deep Reflection:

  • “What is it I need to ALLOW this coming cycle?”

It may be something you have not considered before.  IE: does my mind THINK I need something that is only going to create more karma for me or am I to fearful to face my biggest demon:

My own ability to Trust the sources of light and Wisdom outside my cunning, predatory, conjuring mind, who can trap me with false beliefs about myself.

  • Imagine yourself now sitting in the centre of a big round table.
  • You have a team of advisers; experts in their field; helping you find the most heartfelt, truth filled solution to your current problem. IE: Health; Relationship; Financials; Spiritual Direction…
  • As you begin to feel the Energy build; feeling immense GRATITUDE for the FORCES through other Light filled Intelligences supporting you this very moment…
  • You are in the PROCESS of DEEP, DEEP ALLOWING that these extraordinary INTELLIGENCES have given you their TIME and WISDOM to MONTOR you, the wandering lost soul in the wilderness; the labyrinth human emotion presents hourly sometimes. 
  • “I am NOW ALLOWING myself to ALLOW this MIRACLE of my HEART and its Vast Unified Intelligence, scan the Field calling up the wisest and best to support me NOW in my soul’s evolution.”

PEACE to you all in your ALLOWING.



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