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Putting HEALING back into the Centre of Health Care – Atlantis Rising

The centre of health care must come firstly; when a person takes responsibility for any health care issue he/she may be experiencing… This is a huge shift in personal consciousness and acknowledges that Healing is integral to a healthy physical; emotional and spiritual self-sustainable lifestyle.

The centre of health care must come from a person’s acknowledgement of their Heart’s Intelligence and it’s ability to become a guide, messenger and oracle for health. For humans this is a huge challenge, as they do not want to take responsibility for why they have a disease in the first place. (either physical or mental).   Our culture, medical system, health care, has told a willing public…’We can fix this”… with drugs as the first option.

At Atlantis Rising, our primary focus is to release all fears and limitations about using a client’s own Innate Intuition focusing on Heart Intelligence to guide and allow the Hearts Glandular system to be activated.

  • Firstly; by Healing through the client’s Intelligent Heart; the client can immediately feel in control of health care and the options available.
  • Inviting the client to experience Heart Healing through Gratitude (no matter what the health care issue), opens the Heart to receive its own messages from the unified field. 
  • Atlantis Rising Healing Centre focus is on the client to Feel Earthed.  Earth Mother is the greatest magician able to help a client feel Safe; through Crystalline Intelligence and Sound, the cellular memory becomes focused on health; not fear, feeling safe is taking responsibility.

I have been Healing and teaching with Reiki; Heart Intelligence and Crystalline Sound since 1991 to bring the client into resonance with their Hearts ability to Self-Heal; where miracles are expected, when the client listens to the voice of the Heart..

The greatest Healing happens when the person can feel in control, calmly and self lovingly make decisions from a space of non-judgement or fear.   The bullying that some people are subjected to by medical authorities (including forced vaccination through the covid pandemic) has in many cases left people distrustful of the lack of informed choices our medical system offers. 

There is an Awakening now globally, collectively,  that we must begin to take responsibility and awaken our global hearts intelligence to put Healing at the centre of health care.

Atlantis Rising has been serving our global family since 1991 in allowing clients, Peace, Self-Love and Self Responsibility in all health care choices.  

When a client witnesses their own birth to this new reality, they are claiming a part of themselves that has been dormant or misunderstood.  When a client allows this part of themselves to grow, they are opening up to the essence of all their Selves to feel happy..   To allow this essence of all their Selves to grow, awakens their total potential in any health careoption.

Heart I Love you, 



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