How does Sound become ACTIVATED by Crystalline Intelligence?

Sound becomes Activated before the player /therapist even touches the mallet or strikes the crystal bowl!

The cycle of rock formations into mineral that has taken place millions of years earlier, affects us.

Michael Gienger’s groundbreaking book “Crystal Power Crystal Healing” states: “sedimentary rocks and secondary minerals will help with new orientations (meaning healing us) by looking at new experiences from different angles and with developing more suitable strategies tailored to our present situation.”

In other words minerals are assisting is without us even knowing.

A Crystal is a solid body; with a geometrically regular shape with different systems; science has discovered of the seven crystal systems ie cube, hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic (and amorphous, no shape)

Our lifestyles display eight different characteristics of human and personal behaviour, and are considered basic structures of which we have chosen. These basic patterns have been scientifically proven in humans.  The Minerals chosen in Healing with Sound through the singing crystal bowls composition are composed of these structures.

In other words, the relationship has begun with the Sound Healing Activation when your “Intent” is to have a Sound Healing to improve a physical or emotional area of your life

Upon arrival with the therapist/sound healer you already have been “Encoded” to respond to certain bowls or crystalline structures being placed on your body whilst the sound healing takes place.

Playing sets of chakra bowls; a “signature” bowl or a musical note set (C. D. E. F. G. A. B.) corresponding to the players heart’s resonance in such a way with the heart’s resonance of the client.

For example: our Hearts have Seven Chakras (7); the INTENT of Healing to change Consciousness about an issue the client may be experiencing, is picked up intuitively by a sensitive therapist/player who is listening and observing what notes -sounds are facilitating this transformation in consciousness.

Sound Healing Energy is an incredibly powerful alchemy when you begin to really allow the basic structure of the Earths Minerals to co-create with your client in Sound Healing. INTENT is the Activator..

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Your Heart will LOVE you for it!.

Heart I Love you,



Carmel Glenane – Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart

Michael Gienger – Crystal Power Crystal Healing

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