Core Identiy – Part 2

Core Identity – Part 2
When you feed your ‘Core Identity’ you will begin to find that your relationships really support you at some level.
Open up your dream book and be “the star of the show”.

It easy, as humans to serve so many projections, fantasy aspects of ourselves.
Daily I hear….”When will I manifest the perfect partner?” etc.
It is important to give your energy to our ‘Core identity’ instead of projections about ..’who and what’ might appear on the imaginary horizon of your projection.”

Relationships can’t serve you, until, you serve ‘YOU’ at some level.

We project unmet aspects of ourselves on to others all the time, and expect “them” to meet our core needs.
Slicing an apple reveals the seeds, the ‘core’. The ‘core’ creates the future of your new reality.
You must now allow yourself to create a space for your allowance of all there is.

This allowance of all there is brings to you the power of all there ever was in your total belief about “who” you are.

Hold your heart in your hands. Now imagine it’s tiny seed, its core. (The Black Heart…refer to my book Awakening The Intelligent Heart. Pg. 83) Feel this seed having the absolute experience of totality in your beingness, right now.
When you begin to see your ‘core’ as an infinite space of “endless possibilities”, you can begin to plant the seeds for your new creations.
This is the most perfect space to manifest your miracles because your ‘core’ identity has encoded in it your ability to create miracles.

You are witnessing this ability when you lovingly attune to your heart, and see it as a “friend” who has all the answers.
Do yourself a favour, listen to it, go to your “core”, “the Black Heart”, and your miracles begin to become an on-going experience.

Every moment is a “miracle”

“..Allow yourself your silent space….be active within this silence….observe and create your miracles, now.”
I read this blog to my client,..she replied…..”I feel calmer instantly,….just having you read it to me”….
Allow yourself to do this too.

“Heart, I Love You” all,

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