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How Singing Bowls Work… The Science of Singing Bowls..


Concordant Sound activates your cellular memory and entrains it to become harmonious..

Harmonious Sound births your Heart to feel Safe in Remembering and it can Awaken..

I play, heal and perform with Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal singing bowls, because of the precious metals, gemstones, rare earth minerals and crystals that Crystal Tones®️ use to manufacture their Crystal bowls.  Crystal Tones®️ guarantee that only the Highest Quality pure minerals are used in their bowls.

Their technology supports this activation of fusion where rare minerals and gems can achieve the perfect resonance; allowing the Cells to Reset and become Harmonious..

All crystals carry vibration; and Sound Activates through Intent and Vibration..

Crystalline Intelligence activation emits a powerful pure resonance, because they generate not one single note, but several.  The Force of Sound with Intent births this new Cellular Awakening.

When metals, gemstones, crystals are added, another dimension is created which in turn adds another dimension to the sound.  These unique qualities filter or Earth the pure quartz crystal.

For Example, a bowl may be composed of Gold with Clear Quartz, the resonant qualities of the mineral/metal Gold, brings a smoother slightly metallic sound.  

A different combination of minerals with their own Doctrine of Signatures eg: Rose Quartz which brings Self Forgiveness, Compassion, Love and heals your heart, will have a different sound from the Gold. So, the combination of Minerals etc. (called Alchemies) create different sounds..

Similar to a classical composer playing different instruments made from different woods to create mood and the overall experience.  

Crystal Tones®️ Crystal singing bowls are thoroughly inspected, played and tested in the manufacturing plant and tested again in the showroom, this guarantees the singing bowl will create a very powerful pure resonance of sound that is so essential for Healing work at the deepest level of our cellular matrix. 

When Consciousness is Entrained to be Receptive to Earth Mother’s sounds through her Crystalline Intelligence in the Crystal singing bowls, the Healing Effect of the Sound is perceived through the Skin and Bone conduction, as well as our human Ears.  Sound, as a vibration, is heard through our ears between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second.  As sound is created through movement and movement vibrates, imagine the cyclical rotation of Earth Mother, creating a sound that we cannot hear!

The movement of the Moon, Stars, Planets are in constant alignment with life on our planet and our movement creates sound vibration which is either Concordant or Discordant.  

A Crystal Sound Bowl can know us before we even see it… because its Crystalline Intelligence attunes to us through time and space; gravitating us towards it, bringing our Heart home to what we need to learn and grow..

A skilled Bowl Master can take advantage of all these Elements by playing with Consciousness for their audience; adding or eliminating any tones the bowls are able to make. 

As Singing bowls generate many notes and harmonies, every part of our Being from our Atoms, Molecules, Cells, Glands, Organs and Heart absorbs and then regulate the discordant vibrations from our Being including the Aura; energy Field and Light Body..

When you hear the sound of a Crystal bowl that resonates, the Crystalline Intelligence has already Activated in your Cells before you even strike the bowl. The bowls are making sounds that we cannot even hear!

Quantum Science meets Metaphysics through Crystalline Intelligence & Sound…


CRYSTAL TONES®️ Alchemy Crystal singing bowls are Available at ATLANTIS RISING HEALING CENTRE.